Saturday, July 23, 2022

So Much Time

 It was not, is is not ever the intent to stay away for so long.  Every day a topic wiggles its way into my head, the first sentence wrangles a way out of my fingertips and then . . .  

. . . as they say, "crickets." 

The G assistant machine alerts that my birthday is just around the corner which reminds me that I am needing to stop and think a little bit about simple things that used to come oh so effortlessly.  

Spelling, in particular.  

Part of my work entails writing notes.  The clinic managers prefer that I not use abbreviations so I spell out words while trying to be succinct for I can't spend forever writing notes.  The notes are not the work; they are work, but not THE work. 

Often it is the fast typing that causes typos but sometimes, every so often, I have to ponder just a tad at just how many i/s are in r e s p o n s i b i l i t y.  

While I've always enjoyed word and memory games I find myself glomming on to every opportunity to challenge myself in those arenas.  

Or to challenge myself, period. 

Any no offense to the G assistant, I am acutely aware of the date of my birth.  Now.  

Take gentle care.