Saturday, May 21, 2022


When I started this post it was precisely the middle of the month (hence the title) and I was stuck with what to talk/write about.  Now, it is well beyond that and I'm a little less stuck, thanks to a shoehorn. ::smile::   

Some days ago my shoehorn broke.  The shoehorn was beloved, note because it was a shoehorn but more because it was gifted to me years ago by my mom. And it was hands down the most useful tool I own/ed. 

So, I went shopping (not physically, don't do that anymore--well, yet) but tap, tap, tap--looking over all the different options for shoehorns.  

And, wow are there a lot of options.  Part of me expected it because I looked for a thumb drive recently and whoa, talk about options. But part of me was surprised and I'll admit, a tad overwhelmed.  I went down a virtual rabbit hold of all manner of dressing aids; shoes, socks, and more.  

Good to know those things exist for if / when.  But for now, I had to stop and pick.  

I did.  I am now the owner of a replacement shoehorn. The choice even included a, "travel" sized version. I'm not sure my two new shoehorns will move to the beloved stage but for now, they are welcomed additions.  The non-travel sized one is used every single day, easily the most useful tool I own. 

Have a great rest of May!