Monday, December 28, 2015

Bringing in the New/s

This is the time of year when we (as a collective) tend to think about resolutions and the like, in one way or another. Some of for 'em and make them. Some are agin 'em and don't make them. Some are on the fence, don't feel strongly either way but will allow that breaking into a new year warrants . . something.

And some, don't. Anything.

Though I haven't used the word I have, at year's end (or the very beginning) over the past several, written of things that I wanted, hoped, resolved to accomplish or at the very least, try making some headway toward achievement. Some disciplines have been put in place, some headway has been achieved.

But, by-and-large, I am not where I resolved to be in most of  the areas.

It has been a challenging few years; both parents dying within months of one another, a lay-off after 30+ years of steady, gainful--solid middle class--employment, several months of unemployment, several months of unemployment masquerading as sales (100% commission) and several months (and counting) of working earning less than half of the pre-layoff salary.

Challenges. It has been difficult staying on task (any task). Grief takes a toll. Eagle-eyeing a budget, robbing Peter to pay Paul, takes a toll. Crossing all fingers and toes that not another thing breaks or otherwise needs replacing, takes a toll. Trying to keep up with preventative maintenance on such a slim margin, takes a toll. Lack of a particular brand of companionship, takes a toll. Being the leader, takes a toll.

Still, I managed to write a letter a month over this past year. I posted 30
31 more times in 2015 than 2014. I crafted 2 more holiday greetings this year over last. I filled 4 pages in a sketchbook. I practised Spanish. I studied and have earned a couple of certificates in the medical terminology and medical billing programs. I colored pages in my Celtic Mandala pattern book.
On the other hand, I am still a good 40 pounds from my goal weight, inconsistent with steps, lazy approach to food--which usually results to less than positive choices.  I have much more purging and organizing in both my physical and virtual worlds, to do. And then there are the home maintenance and improvement projects.

It isn't just the lack of funds, but that is factor. Challenges.

So, I will resolve to try. I will endeavor to maintain the disciplines established. I will work to improve the track record toward positive changes. I will try to remain on task toward finishing some things and thinking about how I may stay present in the day-to-day. I will try to not fret over results. I will try to focus on taking the steps, picking up the pen (or whatever tool) and just doing the thing--whatever the thing is in any given moment, on any given day. I will try to avoid becoming overwhelmed with the weight of it all.

Long story short, I will try to keep on keeping on, do whatever it is in my power to have more yay and fewer nay days.

May the force  . . yada x3.

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  1. I've always liked New Year's resolutions because, to me, they signify hope. And if we have hope that's half the battle.

    Perhaps because I came to your blog late I didn't realize all the challenges you have been, and are, facing. I will be here cheering for you to keep on keeping on. And I look forward to hearing about both your yay (hopefully many) and nay (hopefully few) days.

    1. Hope indeed.

      Thanks for the cheers. They do uplift.

  2. In the end, all we can do is keep trying. I'm with you in that. Keep trying and maybe get one step closer. That's still a victory.

    1. Inch by inch, step by step . .


  3. You have certainly had your (unfair) share of challenges this year, but the things you have accomplished are impressive. I think to "keep on keeping on" is a great thing to resolve to do in the next year. I am thinking of you, hoping for a shift in the tides of your fortunes, and rooting for you in the new year.

  4. Here's to more yays. I love the refrain in the paragraph: it does take a toll. Life takes a toll and that can't be discounted in what you ultimately get to in life. Trying is sometimes all your can do.

    1. Ain't that the truth.

      Here's to. ::clink::

  5. Anonymous11:45 AM

    I hear you. I can't say I'd like to repeat 2015, but to have hope and keep moving forward is crucial. Determine that you will not be broken. I love being around positive people and encouraging others and I try to do that as often as I can. I try to keep reading uplifting things instead of reading bad news all the time. Yes, life does take a toll, but determine that in each day you can create value.

    1. Indeed. One day, one step. Every day, a new day to show a new way. :-) Thank you for your kind and uplifting words.


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