Sunday, March 27, 2022

feliz aniversario


Tuesday, March 29th marks the 15th anniversary for this space.  Two days ago I had precisely what I wanted to post to commemorate the momentous occasion but I didn't write (or type) it down so, it is gone.  

Lost within the recesses of my mind.  

Oh, well.    In the spirit of, "winging it" I shall revert to the time honored blog tradition of listing stuff. 

1. Fifteen years ago my son and daughter were in their twenties.  

2. Fifteen years ago there were many blogging folks.  (I miss them, that.)   

3. Fifteen years ago I was not as active with my sketching.  

4.  I am overjoyed to have found the time and space (emotionally and physically) to become active with my sketching.  

5.  More often than not, I'm at a crossroads as to sketch or to write.  One day I shall begin the discipline of combining the two.  

6.  The sadness mentioned in the previous post continues; not only grief but conditions; the county, country, the world.  

7. I am tired. 

8. I shall persevere. 

9. F I F T E E N years.  I was going to link to the song, "Shout" but after listening (really listening) to all of the lyrics, (not just the hook) I decided not to.   

10. I will link to this song which has been  ribboning in and out of my consciousness for weeks now. 

11. So, how many more passwords will I have to create?

12. Hair.  Just because, it's always hair.  :-) 

13.  No, I haven't cut it. I might.  But, I don't think so. 

14. I'm counting the days until I (we) can get another cat (or two).  

15.  I am also counting the days until folks get tired of FB, IG, Tw*tter, Sn*pch*t, T*kT*k, and the dozen (?) or so social media posting, trolling platforms and come back to the tried, the true.... 

Be kind to each other.