Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Last Day of November

Autumn Sky 

Why have one snow figure when two will do?

I am sitting here, doing my Spanish lessons, listening with half an year to a special on the film, 
"Love Actually." to commemorate the film turning twenty years old (next year).  And just this moment realizing that while the file has been on my, "to watch" list for a few years I have not (yet) seen the film from beginning to end.  I have seen clips, of course, but not the film in its entirety.  

So, this year, again, the film is on my list to watch this holiday season.  

Note: I am not a huge "holiday film" fan.  

When the kids were young one of our traditions for Christmas eve was to queue up our favorite films (<i>it was usually their favorite films</i>) and snacks and treat ourselves to a movie marathon.  
Some of the films were holiday themed but mostly they were just films they liked (a lot).  

I know "Love Actually" is on a few "favorite (or best) holiday film" lists.  But, is it?  A holiday film? 

Perhaps this is the year I find out.  

Saturday, November 12, 2022

This Is November

I know, already?  Yes, already.  

And speaking of ready, who is? For anything? Everything? 

The few retail outlets I've visited in recent days are nearly 100% outfitted for the December 
holidays (let's face it, mostly Christmas), the holiday movies have hit the airwaves and the 24-7 holiday music programming has begun.  

Ready or not, here it is.  

Of course, we may all to choose to embrace the joy at our own pace despite the peer pressure.  

I'm choosing a much slower place.  My daughter and I have spoken of and watched a dozen or so  DIY videos for simple <i>holiday</i> themed (simple) table-scapes but otherwise we are both focused on the  November holiday; she, menu planning and cooking and me, everything else.   

In the meantime I'm trying not to think about elections (runoffs and such. GA, really?) outcomes, majorities, red, blue, the time change and how much the pooch does not like walking in the dark.  

Psst..neither do I.  

My (hands-free) flashlight chose this time to stop working.  I'm shopping for a replacement. 

Ready or not, here we are.  

Welcome to November.