Sunday, November 01, 2020

The End of October!?! November First


Something bit me.  This something either bit me twice or two somethings bit me in pretty much the 

same area; the back of my neck about 4 fingers from my right ear. 

I started this post some days ago (the 27th of October to be precise) and have since decided to take the post in a different direction while also deciding to leave the beginning. I won't leave you hanging thought, the bites on my neck are completely healed. Suffice to say, at the time the wounds were troubling enough to warrant mention, let alone a blog post.  

I had  a dream about one of my maternal aunts the other night.  She was the third oldest of my mom's 5 female siblings during my childhood / life.  Her death preceded my mother's by at least a decade but she was very prevalent in our lives during her life.  My mom was one of her primary caregivers during her decline; of all my cousins I am closet to her daughters.  

In the dream my aunt was alive in my present day but as if she hadn't aged since the 80s. The imagery and conversations were so jarring that I have worked to push the little bits that I did remember out of my mind. With the exception a singular event; the fish fry. Her fish fries were events of family lore. These memories I hold dear and don't mind their creeping into even creepy dreams.