Tuesday, March 20, 2018

A Week's Worth

A Pop of Color from a neighbor's yard! 

Gargoyle may not have lead to evacuation and city's notice. 

A lunchtime stroll in nearby, "funeral park" as my daughter calls them. 

The morning moon is in this shot. 

Late season (surprise) snow. 

Time change = sun on the way home. 

The first pet, Pete celebrated his 12th birthday! 


Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Photo Memory

sun not quite up, moon not quite down. (da moon)

A year ago today (the 6th) it was Monday. A year ago today (the 6th) I posted this, a photo of an ominous looking tree set in my neighborhood.  The tree featured front and center, has since been cut down. There is an ominous blank space where the tree once stood.

I am pleased to have snapped a picture of that tree on that morning and several beyond. Until it was gone.

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