Wednesday, March 28, 2007

...mooch some homemade hooch

I could be so much more productive if I didn't have to re-fax, re-mail.
(electronic or puhleeze snail), REITERATE, re-invent the freaking

Insurance Broker: did you email that form?
Me: I faxed it, your assistant asked me to fax the form.
IB: When?
Me: January 16th
IB: Did we talk afterwards?
Me: Yes, several times
IB: Can you fax it again?
Me:....well, of course I can.

Once a day, every day, it seems, I must follow up with someone about something they should have done, only to be told they don't
have, can't find or don't remember the original contact.

You have any idea how annoying this is? Of course you do!

I think I'll mooch some homemade hooch, and go out for a lark, just to drive off these mean old....


  1. I wouldn't know where to score any homemade hooch. Obviously you run with a more interesting crowd!

  2. I used to know someone from Appalachia whose dad made homemade hooch. It was so virulent, it killed anything it touched, except least for a few years.

    And, hell, yes...I deal with that stuff every day. It makes me insane!

    I'll make sure next time I'm in Chi to check in with you and see where your son is performing. Would love to see such a show.


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