Thursday, March 22, 2007

Violet Tendencies

Well, in all honesty, not violets, really. Or violets exclusively. Or violets obsessively. I do buy one or two every year and like the way of the ferns, they tend to fail me, or I them. not quite sure how the bargain is struck or where it goes awry. But awry it does go. I keep trying because I really do like violets. There is a violet in need of tending, in my office right now, in fact.

You may have noticed, it is Spring. As is my ritual, lately, I will get down and dirty with plants and flowers, inside and out. For the inside it will be mostly more non-flowering house plants . I had a couple of large plants or small trees, depending on your perspective, give me their final notices. They were with me a long time, but they apparently decided it was time to move on. That they did so simultaneously, oddly enough, softened the sting.

For the outside, I must clear leaves, twigs and other debris left over from the ravages of a Midwestern winter and more recently, that left by kids and others leaving the nearby McDonald's. I will then continue the work begun a few Springs ago, cultivating perennials, ground cover and shrubs already in place. I will plant more, fill in more. As I've mentioned before, it is a work in progress. Slow going because of more misses than hits and economic realities.
This year the call goes out to fellow owners. I am willing to do all the work (help will not be turned away) but I announced how it would be fabulous if any or all could contribute plants, shrubs, bulbs, top soil, mulch. I will provide information about zone suitable plants and specifics about what the experts feel will work best given our sun / shade exposures.

I don't know if any will heed the call. Given previous experiences with these people, I don't have any expectations. If I don't get any donations, the progress will continue along the current path. I won't be bothered, much, as there remains much to treat my tendencies.

plots: June 2005 shot by my mom


  1. Anonymous9:06 PM

    It's s great to root around in the dirt after a long winter isn't it? I hope you get some help with your landscaping project...

  2. Good luck chick ... Im not really a green fingered gardener myself but I love to look at the flowers when they come up each year.

    Last year, fairy and I (me ... under duress) planted some flowers for ma in our garden ... Im delighted to say we have a few daffodils in the middle right now ... and its a pleasure to look out of the kitchen window and see 'em smiling back :-)

    Kisses XxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxX

  3. Anonymous7:47 AM

    That would be so cool if you got plants from everyone... it would make it a reall community effort.

    From what I've read, though... not holding your breath would be a good plan :)

  4. Hope you get some plants, or at least donations, from the neighbors!

  5. I love violets. We used to have this poorly ventilated and well-lighted bathroom. The violets loved it. Ever since, I buy them and they die.

    I want a neighbor like you who wants to plant nice stuff!

  6. I love all the Midwest Spring flowers...daffodils, tulips, and always the old lilac bushes--the scent of which fills entire old neighborhoods back home. Right on.


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