Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Unspeakable pain of unknown origin coupled with chronic fatigue, baffled medical professionals for years. With frustration and anxiety steadily mounting, downing tablets to relieve pain, depression and anxiety, mom soon finds these insufficient remedies. She turns to alcohol to soothe the constant physical aches made more intense by the emotional stress constant in her world.

Mom suffered and continues to suffer a number of chronic ailments. The greatest struggle for the past twenty plus years has been with the fibromyalgia. When the symptoms first started appearing there wasn’t much in the way of information. The suffering went on for years before a name was even attached. Naming the condition, initially didn’t do much to help relieve any of the pressures or pain, but knowing what helped pave a path towards finding how best to deal.

Today, no longer drinking but still barely managing pain, depression, anxiety and stress with a variety of drugs, physical and emotional therapies, mom continues to battle the effects of this disease. Fibromyalgia has more exposure today than it did twenty some years ago. More is known, yet so much is still a mystery.

Our work continues.


  1. I've an in-law afflicted and her journey has been similar, but minus the ETOH problems. She's finally gotten some relief the past 2-3 years from various sources. Another medical demon that's ruined many lives quietly.

  2. Fibromyalgia terrifies me.

    My heart goes out to your family.

  3. Sending my good thoughts and prayers to you and your hun.
    Kisses xXxXxXxXxXx

  4. My mom suffers from fibromyalgia. For years she was told it was all in her head. She is so debilitated by it now it brings out both helpless compassion and a terror that it could be somehow genetic. She's still a young woman, but her life is now not the one she had or wanted. Thanks for helping educate.

  5. Do you think her affliction amplified any problems the two of you had to begin with? From what I can tell, you have had a rocky relationship with her.

  6. Sorry for your Mom, but glad she has you around to help out.

  7. sending you warmth, friend!!

  8. I am sorry your mother suffers so much. Living with pain is very difficult.

    Sending positive thoughts.

  9. no words hon... you know where I am... right now mine is "mystery illness" though I seem to be on the same track as your mother... I am terrified. I am so very sad to know your mother has lived so long with this. I can't imagine I will do it with much grace or patience. I am only 45. I feel like a kid again since coming out and truthfully I am battling self pity and raging anger everyday of my life. :(

    I guess I am also rather self absorbed because I almost forgot to send well wishes to your mother and instead turned this into "all about me".


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