Wednesday, May 02, 2007


I wasn't going to, not this soon. It's been a bit over six weeks since the last trim. It had been the plan to let Neta see the slightly longer version of my 'do. That plan has been quashed. I needed a trip to the barber and I need it before the trip on Thursday.
Since going with the closely cropped look last fall, I've noticed a few things about the shorter locks. One plus is when my hair is wet it takes on a seductively curly appearance. The tight curls leave an impression of having an even shorter cut. Mom is not particularly happy with the cut, so the hopeful "your hair is growing" comment on Saturday edged me closer to the decision to cut sooner rather than later.
However on the other side, D notes how, at the longer length my hair takes on a pouf, spongy, top of a microphone look. She further notes that this look is definitely un-cool. Beyond the pouf, sponge, top of microphone look, my hair is lopsided. Very. It seems the right side grows at a much slower pace than the left and the left slower than the top. Lopsided hair is not an option.
So a trip for a trim, before my trip to TN is booked and executed. The new barber was efficient , did exactly what I wanted, didn't bend my ear about his baby's momma drama and was even less expensive that the previous barber.
There is other stuff to do before I leave for the airport on Thursday, but thanks to Jaime's replacement, the hair-do is done. I think she'll like the results.


  1. O hun Im so freaking desparate to have my hair cut ... its almost shoulder length now... I was growing it for the wedding but cant take it anymore.

    My usual "do" is short and mad looking ... like I just put my finger in a socket and got an electric shock ... strange but it suits me and its something that ma loved.

    The last time I cut my hair was the day before her funeral ... in the electric shock look ... just for her ... Im thinking to book me an appointment too ... but maybe not ... o heck ... I dunno ... help me out here chick ;-)

    Kisses xXxXxXxXxXxXxXx

  2. 6 weeks between trims??? Uh, no. No lopsided, uneven, un-whatever hair! Get a grip woman! Priorities! ;) I'm sure it looks great! Have a great trip!

  3. I used to get a trim every 4 weeks. Life has been so busy that I'm up to about 8 weeks now. I hate my hair this long. Anyhow...congrats on the great trim and have a super time in TN.

  4. What's up with mothers giving input on their adult daughter's hairdo? Yours wishes you'd let it grow, mine wishes I'd cut it off.

    Have a marvelous trip, my friend. Don't do anything I wouldn't do.

  5. I'm sure you will love beautiful no matter what....and I can't wait to hair do! Love you love button!

  6. From your picture I'd say the short crop suits you very well...

    Have a great trip

  7. And now you'll have one less thing to worry about while you're gone. I can't imagine you'd need to fuss with a short buzz.
    Have a safe trip!

  8. You're styling now! Have fun...


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