Thursday, May 31, 2007

C-C-C ommute

You know what irritates me more than anything? Well, maybe not more than anything, but certainly it ranks in the top 10 of irritants. Missing a bus. No, scratch that, make that missing two buses. Two buses in the span of about 30 seconds. The buses I usually take are scheduled to run every 8-10 minutes. When they are so off schedule that they are clumped and one, two and sometimes three whiz by before I make it to the sign, I go red with ire.

If it is a lucky day-yes, I know, how could it be a lucky day if I've just missed multiple buses? A lucky day would be that the next bus arrives in only a few minutes, 10 tops and it isn't raining.

Usually, it isn't a lucky day.

Sharing the irritant spotlight with missing buses is runaway buses. Gentle men and woman operating these very large vehicles seem to be of the opinion that these big ole buses can stop on a dime. After having witnessed several failed attempts, I'm here to tell you that this is a feat these very large vehicles will never, ever accomplish. Never. Furthermore, careening down the street at breakneck speeds attempting this stopping on a dime maneuver is not only wrong and dangerous, it is also, I think, not at all conducive to accomplishing what I think is the approved task, the safe loading and un-loading of passengers.

Tossing passengers around the as if they were the balls in a rousing round of pinball wizardry might be sport for the drivers, but again, I can tell you as one of the tossed around, we the passengers are not nearly as enamoured.

Driver might try slowing down, obeying traffic laws, practicing the safe and efficient loading and un-loading of passengers. Perhaps then the clumping might diminish.



  1. I sense a second career for you as a bus driver on the horizon.

  2. Having sped down the street chasing after a bus that was two minutes early and landing on my face as the doors closed on a CHI bus, I feel your pain. I was just mostly annoyed that I heard a faint evil cackle coming from the driver's seat.

  3. I ALSO hate when they don't pull up to the curb. All my suitcases, etc are SO heavy esp when trying to hop onboard the employee parking lot bus from down on the ground. lazybutts.

  4. Exactly why I take the subway. lol

  5. i hate it too...but, I have to say they have to stay on an impossible schedule that can only realistically be kept if there is no traffic (not something I have ever seen in Chicago).
    but yes, it sucks.

  6. Taxi drivers train bus driver, I'm convinced.

  7. Oh, and you will (I think) be glad to know that Wordsmiths is starting up again. Kingfisher and I missed it too much! Please check out the "old" website for upcoing details.

  8. Anonymous7:16 AM

    Leaving a softly spoken hey girl and the gentlest of hugs.


  9. Sounds discouraging! You can always think about me get you through! (wink)

  10. Exactly why I refuse to take any form of public transportation, I hate it.

  11. I've been admiring your blog now and then for a long time but never commented.

    But, decided to take a step out of the shadows. I like buses, probably because I live in the burbs and they don't go by my home.

    I spend so much money on gas per month that it is just outrageous. My seven year old child has "ride a bus" on her list of wishes for her birthday.

    Omaha is not a bus friendly city.


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