Wednesday, May 16, 2007

City Scrape

I don't have anything against sidewalk cafes. Really, I don't. Personally, I'm not a big fan of eating outdoors, particularly in the path of what are supposed to be public walkways, but hey, to each his/her own.

What I do have a very specific problem with is when my path, on what is supposed to be a public walkway, is impeded by an outdoor cafe. I'm already thwarted, time and time again, in my desire to get from here to there by motorists who don't obey signs, lights, lines in the streets, cyclists, particularly messengers, who don't obey...anything, and competition for the sidewalk from joggers, roller-bladers and of course, other pedestrians. Having to, on top of all the other impediments, dodge wait and bus persons, diners, tables and chairs, taxes my mobility, naturally diminished by my super-natural clumsiness to the hilt.

If you are dining outdoors in one of those cafes that has exploded all over a city sidewalk and you should happen to see me coming, do not be surprised, or too angry, please, if your table is bumped, causing your lemon water to spill over over the linen tablecloth, your lap and shoes (or feet if you are wearing flip-flops). It couldn't be helped. Really.


  1. Bad day huh? Yea, about the outdoor eating thing, I'm all over it as long as the particular eating area is somewhat sheltered. I'm not interested in: 1) having pedestrians walk close enough to me where they could grab a fry on their way by
    2)smelling fumes while I chew
    3)being bumped by a pedestrian (small joke)
    4)struggling to hear someone talk due to the street noise

    I'll stop at four... but I hear you.

  2. This post hits close to home. The small city where I work, Old Town Alexandria, is full of restaurants. Every single one of them has a seasonal outdoor seating area, which blocks about half the width of the sidewalk. It's a pedestrian's nightmare.

  3. So, that is why you didn't want to eat outside at the Tribe??? hehe
    Kidding baby, I agree, it isn't as nice of dinning experience in most cases.

  4. people DO need to get from place to place! I understand the irritation with having to thread the needle (so to speak) on the sidewalk.

    it's called a side WALK, not sideSIT.

  5. You are right. The sidewalks in your city are big enough anyway, ya' know? And, when seasonal seating starts here...I eat inside where it's quiet.

  6. I lived in NY once and I don't think I have ever done the side walk dining thing. In NY there is just to much going on in the street for me to even want to eat outside. I wouldn't mind doing it in a suburb or some place where I am not on the street. I feel you though about the space issue. My biggest problem though was the bike riders and such on the sidewalk.


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