Friday, May 18, 2007

Running the Numbers

A natural? With numbers? Me? No. Not me. I do, as it happens, make my living working, naturally, with numbers. I keep the books for the company. I do serve in three or four other capacities as well, but keeping the finances in order is chief among them.

I came by this role quite by accident, or rather, by default. Certainly not anything I planned. Then again, I didn't plan on being here, working with numbers, 27 plus years after my hire as an entry level clerk typist.

True, while not part of the over-all plan, loosely formed as it was, I found myself somewhat prepared to assume the position. Turns out the three years of math I'd taken in high school to avoid having to deal with Krabec, the science guy, worked in my favor. As did the 100 level Accounting course taken during brief, paused, continuing expectations to continue, complete college experiences.

The best preparation I've found are all the brain teaser type exercises that filled many youthful (and beyond) hours. Working problems, figuring solutions provide a special kind of entertainment. And though not naturally inclined, I find them fun and hard to pass, even when I know the trick. Adding chocolate to the mix, an extra added bonus.

Figuring Your Age by Chocolate

1. Determine how many times a week you eat (or want) chocolate. it must be a number between one and ten, including either one or ten.
2. Multiply that number by two.
3. Add five to the previous result.
4. Multiply that by fifty.
5. Add 1757 if you've had a birthday this year. if you haven't had a birthday this year, add 1756.
6. Subtract your birth year.
7. You'll end up with a 3 digit number, the first digit (in the hundreds place) is how many times a week you eat (or want) chocolate. The next two digits are your age!

I've just had my chocolate allowance for this week. I'm not telling how many times I want chocolate.


  1. I wonder how that works...... Do you know?

  2. yep - wonder how that works...

    That's great about the job security! :)


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