Thursday, August 09, 2007

do you? would you?

I don't seem to be watcing that much tee vee these days. There was a time when the prospect of missing an entire evening of tee vee viewing would engulf me with anger. I would not be fit company. The most feral cat in my daughter's care would run and hide from a me without tee vee.

Now, however, it is a new day. Oh, I still don't go a day without some tee vee, but I know that I could and it would be just fine. The more relaxed attitude probably has more to do with the understanding that missed programs can be caught in replays, dvds and / or online than any kind of "cure."

Summertime fare being what it is, when I am watching, cooking, home improvement and gardening offerings garner most of the attention. I have, in the midst of the h & g shows, become wildly enthralled with Glenn Close in Damages.

The Logo channel is fairly new to my cable line-up and I've been giving that a few spins in the tee vee wheel. 'Tis this network that has been showing the Kinoki commercial often. Thus, the question that titles the post. Do tell.


  1. I wish I had Logo - but I don't. It was the full regular cable lineup or HBO and HBO won out - thought I'd dump it after Sopranos, but now I'm hooked on Big Love. Hmmm...three wives...there is some appeal in that.

  2. I feel myself channeling eb's inner skeptic...Seems like a load of crap.

  3. Hey, don't forget to watch the Democratic Gay debates tonight. I have to go fencing so I will miss it. Can't seem to find anyone who can make a dvd for me.....

    I keep the tv on for the dogs. They are news junkies, and like to keep up to the minute in current news.

    Damages is kind of interesting! Do you think Glen Close killed the young doctor?

  4. Yes ... at the moment, as I am every year ... I'm hooked on Big Brother. I'm a freak for these reality things ... and fairy hates it with a passion!!!

    Love and kisses xXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXx

  5. I'm with celery.

    No and no.


  6. Love, love, love, LOGO, but that Kinoki stuff seems kind of odd to me.


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