Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Greatest

Meet Pete.
Pete is sweet.
Pete is neat.
Pete is a tre…oh, enough already!
Pete is, as is plain as the rain, a cat. More specifically, Pete is a domestic short-hair brown tabby, just a few months shy of 2 years old. Pete was for most of Tuesday evening making himself quite the nuisance at home on the dining room table.

Pete was returned to the ACL in July after having been adopted March. He arrived and as the story goes, D was instantly smitten. “Mom, you must meet Pete! He is the greatest cat!”

Stop the bus! A cat? Blow me down, a cat.

I go. I meet Pete and true to D’s word, he is one great cat. I was telling Neta that prior to this year I’ve met, been in the company of maybe three cats my entire life. I’ve met 3 (all GREAT) this year! Pete, I knew as soon as I met him, would be coming home with me and D.

He spent the first night (when not on the table) walking and talking. Checking me out, getting his bearings. As he and D were already pals she's been allowed to call him "monkey" and nuzzle him more closely. He and I are still on a more formal basis, but that won't last long. He will soon rule feel very comfortable here. Welcome Home, Pete.


  1. You can't be a lesbian and NOT have a cat. Welcome to the club.

  2. That is a fine and handsome cat, and I don't even like cats. Does that mean I get my L-Card yanked?

  3. I love that he's in the beer box!

  4. ah, ah, ah, ahchoooooooo...

    Trop is full of shit.

  5. Well, I'm allergic to cats myself (hmmm, wonder how this is going to work?) But...I think Pete is a cutie patootie!!!

  6. Ah he is LOVELY! He looks to be a proper 'catty' sort of cat with his own agenda! No home is complete without zany cat-energy is it? I am sure he will immediately begin redecorating for you ;-)

  7. See, cats aren't aloof; they're just not as slutty as dogs is all.

  8. Yay! Thanks for sharing a picture of Pete.
    I wasn't a cat person at all until my husband begged for one. By day 2 I was hooked. Sometimes when the cats are ignoring him and loving me, he'll tell them that I didn't want a cat. To which I remind him they still love me more.

  9. He sure is a handsome addition!

    Congratulations on your new housemate.

  10. Very cute. Congrats on the new addition to the family!

  11. Pete is a very handsome fellow. And I admire his taste in beer.

    I'm also very glad to hear you did not bring home a camel. LOL


  12. I'm not much of a cat person. Shoot me now.

    I'm here via Trop, blog hopping this morning.

    Pete does look a bit compelling, but not enough that I want to go out and get one or anything.

    Nice blog, btw.

  13. I have an "albert." Ain't they all cool?

  14. What a wonderful kittykat!!!
    Cats are the best!!!


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