Monday, August 20, 2007

If Only

Abbie Cadabbie! Oh drat, that's not it! It's rolling around in this mish mosh matter that is masquerading as my brain today. Ah fudge, it doesn't matter. Even if I could come up with the words, I'm missing at least one other vital tool, a wand. Magic cannot be performed with a wand. I think you could probably skate by without the goofy headpiece, maybe even the cape, but a wand is very necessary.

What would I do with this magic if I had the tool and could find the words?

I would transport me and one TN cutie to this spot, pronto!
This, you know, is more her bailiwick than mine, as I am not at all a water baby. My baby, however is very much a lover of the water, wide open seas and beaches. Whenever we speak of places to go on a lark, possible places to live, California is nearly always first or second on her list. That being said, I'd go to the water with her right. this. minute. (I might even get in the water). If the magic worked the way I wished she'd be up and about only to be lounging with me by her side, holding hands, making all kinds of plans.

Ample Cranapple! Oh, pish, that's not it either, is it? Get well soon baby.


  1. Omigod, please move to California and buy the house next door to ours, which has had nothing but seedy sorts inhabiting it—including the fabled breeder of fighting dogs—since its longtime owner died a few years ago. It's for sale again. Right now! What we wouldn't give for a nice lesbian couple next door! We could borrow sugar from each other and such.

  2. Move to Boise and I will buy you a sandbox and a nice sprinkler head!!! I need a lesbian couple to help annoy the neighbors!!!

  3. You could always move to East Jesus. On second thought, California *is* the place you want to be.

  4. Nay to California, they have enough fruits and nuts out there already!

  5. Thank you baby. I say yes to Cali but I am a West Hollywood type gal. Loved it when I was out there for five yrs. Boise? Lesbians really live there?

  6. Hey wordsrock - we are indeed in the land of fruits and nuts.

    D. - I know you'll get your magic groove on!

    I hope that your baby gets her way and you are California bound. I have five houses on my very block for sale, real cheap. There are lots of lesbians in my's become Midtown II. And, the ocean is but 90 minutes away. The mountains 60.
    Hey Nina, that is very appealing--throwing that offer out anywhere else? Hint.

  7. Ahhh what pleasant thoughts. And if you do come up with the right magic words, please make sure that you write them down and forward them to me!!! LOL


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