Friday, August 31, 2007

Like a Virgin

The boss, in full sigh mode, approaches my office door all atwitter about the cell phone bill for the cell phone he just bought is charging to the company, after having put it off of 3 years. The bill, account and everything about it is of course, wrong. Wrong as in, not as promised in the store. He is at my door because he must fax them the agreement the store salesperson made at the point of purchase. He is at my door because one of the two fax machines in office is outside my door. He is at my door because he knows just how much I enjoy his siiiiigggghhhs and his tales of woe in dealing with vendors, salepersons and billing / customer service personnel. He is at my door because it is Friday, the last day of the month and because...well, just because.

Him: So I have to fax them what they did. Does this go face up or face down?
***we've had this fax machine for 3 years, granted he doesn't fax often, still one look at the machine it is fairly obvious that in order to scan you must face copy down. He asks this every time he faxes. There IS a "how to fax" cheat sheet on a slide out tray.

Me: Face Down

Him: Oh man!!! There is a jam while it's trying to send. Oh man!

Me: --- I say nothing and I don't move for several seconds.

Him: Deb? Could you help me out?

Me: --- I clear the jam saying something about how it was loaded with too much paper.

Him: (after he sees how simple it is to clear the jam) Oh, I could have done that.

Me: --- I go back inside my office and continue with my work, but wait for the next sigh and next Oh Man, cause I know it's coming.

Him: ***sigh*** Oh man. (another jam)

Me: --- I clear the jam, stay until the machine spits out a transmission without jamming.
***it's not his receipt.

Him: Did it send? Oh, I guess I have to.... (something else is printing---I'm sitting by now, back at work)

Him: So...if it says, SEND SUCCESSFUL does that mean it was successful?

Me: Yes. (and yes, I say this without the sarcasm dripping like hot molasses).

It's Friday, did I mention that earlier? Of course I did.

Goody, Goody!!!


  1. Loooser! Happy Friday!

  2. In think he is at your door because you are one fine assed bitch. That is certainly why *I* woukd be at your door.

  3. I used to work with a fellow much like that, but his overall brilliance and general likability completely made up for such frailty.

    He appreciates you, Deb.
    But still. TGIF.

  4. My boss is not helpless. Most of the rest of the staff, however, is. The not dripping in sarcasm response is a real gift. I'm sure I could learn something from you.

  5. Oh wow, you have the patience of a saint. That would drive me nuts!

  6. You would hate me...I'm awful when it comes to faxing. The biggest problem is we can't fax long distance without "the code." Well I'm not important enough to have "the code" so I have to get someone to enter it every time I fax. I make them stand there with me because the whole process just makes me flat out nervous. Oh yeah...I'd also bug you to fax just because. :-)

  7. I know how it is baby, I see that everyday! Yes, you are one fine assed bitch, and Maxine stay away from her front door....LOL...(wink)


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