Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Mail Call

This plus This
results in late mail, wrong mail or no mail at all? Maybe not, the sight however, is disconcerting for me none-the-less. There is similar un-easiness when I see carriers gib gabbing on the phone or to the air, presumably to a device that I cannot see. When I saw the boom box in the bag of one of the local carriers in my workplace district I was not surprised when I turned to see the carrier that belonged to that box in the bag. This carrier was once our carrier. He and I had clashed on a few occasions.
Our current carrier is always courteous, professional, prompt and diligent while carrying out his duties. He doesn't carry a boombox in his bag, a phone in his hand nor have I witnessed him speaking to the air, presumably to a device that I cannot see.


  1. I can't get started on the postal service..... this comment would never end.

    Hope you are having a good week.

  2. our mail carrier wears cute shorts and places my mail right in the box and I think now I'm very lucky.

    How DO they get these jobs, I wonder.

  3. The letter carrier who services my office job has a ready smile and a kind greeting. I think he wears an iPod, but I could have imagined it.

    The fellow who delivers our mail at home is militaristic. As long as we conform to The Rules, deliveries are smooth.

    I guess I am also very lucky!

  4. Around here the carriers live on their cell phones. They're nice and as long as my mail keeps arriving in a timely fashion I have no qualms about it.

  5. My mail man delivers ina truck. I wonder if they let them have radios in those?

  6. My office carrier is newish. I've seen her sleeping in the mail van out in front of my office, talking for 30 minutes up on her cell phone, and wandering around aimlessly. Unlike the guy before who for 27 years delivered on the dot and with a smile, but don't make him talk, because he has a route to complete.

  7. Our carrier is in a truck, so who knows what he has or doesn't have. As long as my mail gets to me, I don't care. Well, they could leave the bills to someone else. :)


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