Tuesday, January 08, 2008

F Words

First and foremost, I was finally there to look into, caress and kiss her face. The feel of my fingers wrapped perpetually around hers and vice versa felt fabulously fine.

The first day and the days to come was and will be filled with Fs. Fs in the dress of forms. Forms, forms, forms, long forms, short forms, blue forms, green forms. Frantic forms.


Forms coupled with follow-up. Emails to retrieve and replies to fashion. There are voice messages to decipher, employees and employers to de-brief, most of which leads back to forms and formats. Mere seconds after the happy New Year greetings did who, what, why, where, did, have you questions and requests flow.


Forms and functionality require focus which is in short supply the first day back and the days that will follow as I am fighting the urge to flee once again to the comfort of her arms, face and the feel of fingers. Hers, mine. Ours.

Every ounce of focus that can be harnessed is directed to attending responsibilities at home and work. Continuing to fuel my tank is the thought and work needed to move forward towards our being together again finally. And forever!



  1. Returning is the worst, isn't it?

  2. I'm Flabberghasted... and confused? are you moving there? when? what forms?

  3. To keep in line with the "F" word theme, I'll just say: "Felcome Fome" :-P
    Glad to have you back!!! Just "Fabulous"

  4. Val: forms related to work. Taxes, payroll, insurance and all that jazz. Moving there? No, not yet anyway. It hasn't been decided just who'll move where/when.

    We've floated the fantasy of re-locating somewhere other than our respective home towns/states. Somplace totally different, neutral. New.

  5. ooo...the big "F word" - Forever. Y'all need to funnel yourselves down to H-town one of these days.

    Too bad your visit was fugacious, but I'm glad it was fantastic.

  6. Flummoxed, fiber-deficient, flagging - that's been my post-vacation situation.

    Deborah, I hope you had a wonderful time with your woman.

  7. awwwwwwwww you're home again! Good to see you back in a sorry kind of way....cuz I know you would rather be there...and returning sounds like it's been hellacious so far!!

    Glad you had a fantabulistic time though........


  8. OOOOOOOOOOOOOH. New and neutral could be fun! Glad you're back!

  9. Gosh, you are back! The fun never lasts but the memories never fade. It's fantastic you two have found each other.


  10. Welcome back! Fiercely and Fully submerge in love...so glad you enjoyed your visit.

  11. Anonymous11:47 AM

    I was starting to think you were just staying down there :)

  12. Um...you left out the word "fuck"...

    Just sayin...

    Seriously, I'm so glad that you had a fine time in frivolous frolicking.

    And, a new neutral place sounds like and interesting possibility.

  13. Hi Deborah,

    Fut else can I say?

    Welcome back.

  14. Fabulous frolicking for fantastic fun!

    Man, it's too effin hard to talk in effs.

  15. LOVE the picture. y'all look so happy!!!


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