Monday, January 14, 2008

P is for..

D and I called one another at least once a day while I was away. Just checking in, we talked about the weather, the pets and my mom, usually. Thursday, the third of January was different. She called shortly after getting off work, as usual. I gave her my usual greeting, “hey D, how ya’ doin’?”
She stopped me cold with…”mom, don’t panic.”

Well, I didn't, much. D was in an auto accident. While she was able to settle me some,convince me that she was fine physically and would be emotionally in fairly short order, it took a bit of time for my heart rate to return to normal. Neta came home to lunch that day to a less than serene Deborah. But, “no, baby, I don’t need to go home, she’s fine” I assured.

The rest of the visit progressed without further (troubling) incident. D and I continued check in with one another daily. I returned home to a daughter frantically trying to adjust to the fact that she will have to take a public transpo train to work for the foreseeable future.

My daughter is not quite the veteran I am when it comes to public transportation. "Sweety, it will be fine, try to relax, stay alert and allow yourself plenty of time."

I didn't mention the P word once.


  1. WOW yes glad she is OK!! Glad too that you were able to continue your visit....:)

  2. We hate hearing "don't panic" before we hear "I'm okay."

    Glad she's okay.

  3. Yikes! Poor D.

    Glad she wasn't injured.

  4. Glad only the car suffered. (aside from your heart racing and your blood pressure rising a few points!)

  5. I immediately want to kill the person who tells me FIRST to not panic. Because just that phrase is uttered and no matter what I always picture Liv laying dead on a gurney. ALWAYS.

    And then it is always something like, "the toilet overflowed" or "we accidentally let Socks out without his leash."

    After that image, nothing can upset me. But...I HATE HATE HATE having that image pop up in my head.

  6. oh gosh.. I'm glad she' ok! Those darn panic moments.

  7. I am glad she's okay!

    While in your city last summer I saw the train go by the window every few minutes. I wondered how hard it would be to learn to get around like that. I have only been on a subway once when in Boston. It terrified me. I am no city gal...

  8. I'm glad she's alright.
    Logic got in an accident a few years back and we had to share a car for 4 months. I did NOT like that at all. But, I did lose about 5 pounds walking to work every day. (I was a mile away from where I worked and he had to drive an hour to school.)

  9. I'm glad she's okay too! And, mom can get away and know all will be well.

  10. Why is it that when they say "Don't panic," we do?

    Glad she's unscathed (for the most part) and, hey, she can look at this as a learning experience, right?


  11. What a time for an accident, during the much-anticipated VISIT! Glad she's OK and didn't necessitate your early return. And, oh, everyone can use a spell of familiarization with their local public transit system!

  12. I'm still trying to figure out what the P word is......


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