Tuesday, January 22, 2008


You’re out in the elements clearing snow from your walkways. Why in the love of Petra would you clear a path so narrow chickens would have difficulty passing?

Folks in wheelchairs, with strollers, shopping carts and those of us who use at least two feet to walk would appreciate a little more ground clearance. And while you’re out there, how about clearing that mound from the intersection curb so folks can cross the street without having to regret missing that mountain climbing course at the rec center. And oh, by the way, in our town you are bound by law to clear your walkways within 24 hours of the last snowfall.

Be a good neighbor, mmmkay? Thanks.


  1. Snow? What's snow?

  2. Common courtesy for our fellow people... why is it such a hard thing ?

  3. People sure can be rude.

  4. I like to clear a nice wide path at least two and one half times the width of the snow shovel. I loves me a neat sidewalk!

    I hear you on the intersection curbs. Walking downtown in DC after a decent snowfall can be akin to mountain climbing.

    Walk carefully, my friend. :)

  5. thank-you for stopping by....and as i watch the snow steadily fall here today (which it rarely goes), i'll remember to also clear the sidewalks :)

  6. Why, you ask? Because they are thoughtless a*holes. It's that simple.

    There was a day when I actuallly had snow up to my arse and a snowblower (what a gift that was). I snowblowed the entire side of the block (full of elderly neighbors). Took me 20 minutes. Courtesy costs so little.

  7. My son has a saying:

    I don't know why they call it common courtesy or common sense. It's not really all that common.

    That about sums it up, I think.

  8. I even clear my own walks to their full width (even a tad beyond)
    its just civilized.


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