Friday, February 08, 2008

First, Son

My first look at your squirmy body and scrunchy face had my heart racing and my mind setting speed records to catch up. What will I do with you? What will I do for you? Everything. Everything. Little did you know that your arrival had the power to turn my existence into something called, life.
From those first nervous afternoons when it was just the two of us, through your first stabs at language, first tentative steps and all the firsts thereafter, you trusted me to comfort, guide and protect you. You saw fit to reward my efforts, fumbling though they may have been, by sleeping when I most needed you to, trying your best at every turn, making me laugh heartily and growing into a man of the highest caliber.
A man I am honored to call friend as well as son.

Happy Birthday, dear son. I am beyond excited to share and celebrate many more firsts with you.


  1. Very good looking fella there...

    And he sounds like a wonderful person as well...

    btw...I just returned home from the grocery store with ingredients for that Thai soup....ahh...

  2. Ditto what Maria said, except I won't be making soup! I'll be moving things tonight and most of the weekend! :)

  3. And he wears kicky berets! What's not to love?

  4. Knowing what a bright star my own son is in my sky, I can certainly relate.

    Happy birthday to your son.

    But congratulations to you for not just having made it to this point, but for having made it to this and still loving and respecting each other.

    That, in my opinion, is what validates us the most as parents.

    Did you see our big news?

  5. Outstanding!!! Way to go Mom.

  6. i'm smiling for you!

  7. Lucky you. Lucky him to have a mom like you!

    I remember bringing my oldest home from the hospital after he was born and thinking "wow..I get to keep him?!"

  8. Sons are a treasure. :)

  9. I teared up a bit with this one, Deb. Beautiful.

  10. Anonymous12:54 PM

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  11. Talented and handsome. That expression - just like the picture you posted last year, reminds me of my middle child.


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