Sunday, February 17, 2008

Two Words

To the owners, tenants, residents (whatever) of units 2B and 3C I have two words for you: Boot Tray. Or, perhaps you could put your funky, gunky boots on the inside of your unit. Or better yet, you could put a boot tray by your door, inside the unit (the mother is inside the park)* and then rest your funky, gunky boots there.

Some people.

*Jaw 3D , a sad, so sad obsession.


  1. I have 4 words for you: "Steal their fucking boots"

    problem solved

  2. Nincompoops.

    I hate this time of year. I swear that Liv and Bing are AFRAID to not take off their shoes on the porch. And Socks, the puppy, is learning about my evil eye.

  3. You could pick them all up and throw them in the bushes. Hmph!

  4. You could also pick them up and put them just outside the main door.

    Or fill them with something like the funk and gunk ON them!


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