Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Chill In My Bones

. . .and everywhere else. It was block two when I realized which part of my body was in-sufficiently protected from the biting winds (oh yes, biting) and sub-zero temperatures. Have your thighs ever been so cold that it felt like they were being pricked with one million needles only to then begin to like they were being set ablaze?

Daughter gave me a lift to the train, after the short train ride to the work 'hood, I had a walk. On normal days, it is a leisurely, 6 or 7 block jaunt that I've made often. I usually add intensity by stretching out the stride, amping up the speed.

This morning, I sped up (as much as I could, what with the snowy, slippery sidewalks) because to slow surely meant to be frozen in place. Keep On Movin' looped over and over in my head, keeping my feet in timed motion.

My first action upon reaching our building was to take the quaint elevator to our floor and head directly to the women's room. The friction my pants caused rubbing against my thighs made me shriek, just a little. My thighs, ice cold to the touch, had taken on a lovely shade of red. They kinda looked like Boston Baked Beans. The friction made me shriek, the squat made me scream, just a little. However, I took the opportunity to rub my bruised and bewildered thighs ever so gently. Recovery was nearly as rapid as the assault and by the time I'd finished, I was feeling closer to normal.

Still, I'm getting myself geared (and layered) for my afternoon walk and even more so for the commute home. Hey, gotta keep movin'.


  1. Timely that I watched (again) The Day After Tomorrow last night.

    Should I be looking for a thigh warmer pattern?

  2. Anonymous2:03 PM

    oh yes try walking in -50 thats what it it here in Winnipeg MB

  3. Dear Maxine, if you knit it, I will wear it. Snugly. Ayup.

    Dear Anonymous, no thank you. I bow to the heartiness that embodies those further north.

  4. Suddenly I feel like a wimp for being all complain-y that it's only gonna be 38 on Saturday.

  5. You, my friend, are on a mission to continue to take us places where people usually dwell alone (i.e. toenail cutting at work AND into the stalls we go! :))

    Don'tcha want some privacy, girl?!!
    Anyway, it IS cold, indeed.

    Our CR-V is parked outside and I go out early to wipe it down (if necessary) and move it closer to our front door, and leave it running to warm it up before Linda comes out to leave for work.
    The Mini is in the garage. When we turn the car on, it registers at 40 degrees. Sophie loved watching it this morning as it changed temps for the first 2 minutes of our drive, to end at 15 degrees. BRRRRRRRR! But glad to not be walking.

    Bundle UP!

  6. -30 in Regina, Saskatchewan yesterday...that got my attention. It's gonna be 70 here. Freaky.

    Glad my thighs are here.

  7. Stay warm, my friend. I can't even image walking in sub 0 temps. I don't think I ever have and if I did I was a kid so I probably didn't care.

  8. I was goign to say 'pictures or it didn't happen,' but that would be childish, right?


    Hope the commute home is better for your. Sounds perfectly miserable to me.

  9. Hey Deb - stay warm and wear your thermals!!! My son keeps telling me that it's so cold there that his heat is in high gear and he still has to wear a hat and thermals to bed.

    Brrrrrrr...I like the cold but that's just freakin' nuts!

    You're in my "warm" thoughts!

  10. It is SO beyond Freezing, dang.
    I'm sick of it.

    Well we're half way thru Jan,
    we have Feb & March to go.
    I can't wait!


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