Monday, January 12, 2009

A First For Me, Perhaps.

I was block four into my planned fourteen block afternoon walk when I remembered what had slipped my mind last night. I'd never gotten around to soaking my feet, which meant that I hadn't gotten around to clipping my toenails. I meant to address, at the very least, one particular toe this morning because I knew with two pairs of socks and an extended walk over snowy terrain, given the shoes I was planning to wear, pain would try to become my friend.

Well, block four into the fourteen block walk this afternoon, I remembered. However, thanks in small measure to the un-even terrain and by shifting my weight over level ground, I was able to continue and complete the walk.

However, now the one particular toenail had to go.

I don't think, in my nearly 30 years, have I ever clipped a toenail at work.

I closed the door but it still felt weird.


  1. door shut? no problemo
    we had a co worker not long ago
    who used to put her ugly foot up on her desk (she shared the office with 2 men) and trim her nails. NASTY!

  2. Yes, personal grooming at work is an awkward thing. But, toenails that cause pain trump that.

  3. Agree with EB. But I usually cut my fingernails at work, but early in the day before anyone else comes in. It does feel a bit strange, but it's becoming more normal the more I do it there! ;)

  4. Hey! -
    Well you're only clipping your nails once you close that door.
    Heck, think of all the other things you could do...

  5. At least you have a door!

  6. You could hold seminars worldwide for bosses (or coworkers in general, but in my case it is the boss) who like to clip fingernails at their desk and teach them all about closing the door.

  7. I second NCP. All hail the DOOR!

  8. Amen to the door.

    I will confess, too, to having deployed the clippers at work (usually post-gym thing) -- DOOR CLOSED! I agree with the above mention that pain/discomfort trumps manners ...

  9. I so related. Glad you did it though - the walk home would have been a bear.


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