Thursday, January 22, 2009

Four-Hundred and Sixty

My twenty-three year old daughter, as you may know, lives with me. We are the best of friends, mostly and the arrangement is agreeable, mostly.

Being here together and being women we tend to share some things. My socks, my sweats, my cash, come immediately to mind. We don’t, however, share shoes because her feet are bigger and she wouldn’t want my shoes because she hates my shoes, mostly.

Which leads me to the point, which is, what we don’t share generally, is taste in clothing or rather, style. Granted, our age difference is 25 years and we probably shouldn’t be interested in the same style of clothing, and believe me, we’re not, but what I’m talking about goes beyond that.

And while she prefers mall shopping, I’m a catalog (electronic mostly), mail order kind of gal.

Still, periodically clothing catalogs arrive addressed to her. Most are addressed to me and some are simply addressed to our shared first initial and our shared last name. Usually, it is crystal clear as to which {D} would be more interested in the contents of a particular clothing catalog. The division between what (and from whom) we buy is pretty definitive.

Sometimes, however you can’t tell by the cover.

Last week’s mail yielded a few catalogs. All but one addressed specifically and directly to one or the other of us. THE one, company unknown, product line borderline, was claimed by the younger D with her saying, “there’s cute girl-y stuff in there, this isn’t for you, you don’t do cute.”

Huff. (sorta)

She continued, “well, you don’t! You got that butch thing goin’ on. Hey, that works for you.”

I countered with, “butch can be cute.” And she said, “yeah, but not girl-y cute.”

She’s a cutie, that daughter of mine.


  1. "butch can be cute"

    Hell yes!! :)

    -- ah don't you love when our kids are BRUTALLY honest?

  2. Well, that's just cute. But, not girl-y cute, of course.

  3. She is a cutie. And that works for her.

  4. You're Butch???
    Now how the hell did I miss that??
    And here I was thinking Neta was 'the butch.'

    Perhaps by butch look she means sporty, sweatpants/jeans, short hair & sneakers? That would be me, but I ain't butch. yet. Actually I'm not sporty either.

    The kid does sound cool, though.

  5. Deb, eb is on your boat, too, though she does surprise with something moderately girly on occasion. Like when she lets Edna paint her toes pink.

  6. I don't think of you as butch. You're certainly not girly, but not butch either. You have a style and a beauty all your own. Not to mention the most gorgeous skin I have ever seen in my life.

  7. Ah...I like the girly shit. But, it has to be expensive or I don't pine for it. I am just..damaged that way.

  8. I cannot stand the "girly" stuff. Do not try to dress me in a ruffle or a frill. I will not wear shoes that are not first "comfy".

    Stacy and Clinton would be horrified.

  9. Heh - Then I'm butch too. Can I do that and still be hetero?


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