Thursday, January 29, 2009

Good Thursday Morning

It was a balmy 21 degrees this early morning. That may not sound too attractive to some of you but when it's been in single digits or worse, anything below zero, 21 feels balmy. 21 is balmy. It was colder yesterday morning and will likely be colder tomorrow morning, but on this morning it is 21 balmy degrees.

There is snow and ice everywhere, still. Though balmy, 21 degrees will not alter scenery. Not even the 32 we surged to last weekend made much difference to the landscape. There was however, enough warmth to warrant caution especially around buildings. Falling ice. The forecast calls for a similar warm-up this weekend. Caution Falling Ice signs will again appear.

Though in the midst of colder than average temperatures, seemingly never-ending snow and ice covered streets, I am good. Heck, compared to what some folks woke up to this morning, I am more than good.

I've only fallen down twice (yes, again since the stairs event) this season (so far). Once again, the daughter was there to witness my lack of grace. Still, I am good. Heck, more than.

The warmest parka from last season has been replaced. The zipper that failed, was replaced, failed again and yet again replaced (or repaired) held up for a time, but then began to fail. On one of the colder days, it failed multiple times causing many moments of mid-section freeze. So I got a new parka. I like this parka much, much better. One, it's warmer than the other parka. Two, it has an excellent zipper. Three, it has pockets. Many glorious pockets. Patch pockets, slash pockets, inside pockets, even a hidden pocket.

So yeah, it is cold, snowy, icy and more. But I have the comforts of home, am surrounded by the glow of love, and a new, even warmer parka. So, on this day, at this time, I am good.

I wish good, heck, more than good for all those finding it otherwise this Thursday morning.


  1. I put down half a bag of salt on the driveway this afternoon thanks to the freezing rain that fell during the night, melted and refroze in the late afternoon. I don't mind all the snow, but I hate the ice.

  2. I am good and I'm glad you're good because it is good to be good. It's cold here. Probably shorts and t-shirt weather to you but, I have my trusty turtleneck and...plenty of knitted goods.

  3. Damn, it IS so cold & icy here, too.
    Please be careful & don't fall again.

  4. A coat with nice, deep, warm pockets is a wonderful thing.

  5. Sending you some "warm" thoughts!

  6. You sound happy. This is good.



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