Thursday, January 08, 2009

Phone Tree

My son has a friend, Dave.
Dave has a mom, Mrs. N.
Mrs. N has a friend, Sara.
Sara has a daughter, Jackie

Jackie is employed by the same local eatery that employed son’s dad until the stroke.

Jackie discovered that my son’s father moved to Mississippi (from Wisconsin) a few weeks ago. Jackie called her mom, Sara. Sara called Mrs. N and Mrs. N called my son to tell him that his dad is in Mississippi and is walking a little bit more.

Why no direct communication? Good question.

located image here.


  1. I'll just hang out and wait for the inevitable, "they have phones in Mississippi?"

  2. Well, I guess some info. is better than none, but still... hm.

  3. :( But i like what Syd said.

  4. Pain in the butt, I'd say.


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