Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Banking. Friendly. Husband.

A couple of years ago the big bank the company used was swallowed whole by an even bigger bank. It has taken the two years for the institutions to transition from one corporate identity to another. Now, the transition is complete and beyond the name, corporate logo, and color scheme changes, nothing about the banking process has changed.


This new, larger, brighter bank is also friendlier. The employees all say hello. They say it chirpy, like we’re friends or something. This bank even has designated greeters. It’s eerie.


On a recent trip to one of the 4,000 (maybe not that many, but, it is a big bank) local branches, one near my home (instead of near work. I cut out early some Fridays with the premise of going “to the bank”) I’m met by a greeter who turns out to be the manager of this branch. I know because he told me in so many words, “hi, I’m John Williams. I’m the manager. I’ve spoken with your husband many times. It’s nice to meet you.”


1. I don’t have a husband
2. I haven’t had a husband (thank YOU very much!!) for eleven years
3. When I DID have a husband, THAT husband did not ever (ever) have convos w/bankers.

I didn’t correct John Williams as he seemed so pleased with his recognition. I was curious as to how he connected my company’s deposit slip with that of this MR. he has spoken with on so many occasions. But, I didn’t ask. I smiled, nodded and counted the seconds for BMF* Williams to hand over my receipt.

I do find myself wondering how long it will be before this bank is swallowed whole and what changes that might bring to the company's banking experience in general and mine in particular.

BMF (bank manager friendly)


  1. He's obviously got you confused with someone else. Dare I say all black people look alike?

    It's a joke people!

  2. You totally should have said something. If it happens again you have to promise me you'll say something like, "Oh yes, Horace, I found out he's gay."

  3. Anonymous6:14 PM

    Maybe your new hubby is loaded and you can make a withdrawel out of the account! LOL

  4. "I left him for the Maid ... oh and tell your wife hi!"

    I totally would of said something!

  5. Greeters and confused employees?

    OMFG, you are banking at WalMart!

  6. I don't mind friendly, but chirpy just kind of creeps me out!

    Mr. Williams drank the kool-aid.

  7. Oh, weren't you just DYING to say, "I wanted to thank you so much for inviting us to dinner last week. We really enjoyed meeting your wife and those clever twin daughters of yours. And that beautiful teacup poodle..."

  8. Oh, you could have really made his day -- asked him about this husband, whether hubby had had a sex change, because last you knew, you hadn't slept with anyone with XY equipment in oh so many years.

    I would have given anything to see the look in his eyes.

    If he's the greeter, we are on some kind of national-works-project program: a guy not smart enough to deal with numbers, just amenable enough to say, hi, welcome to our bank.

    That sucking sound you hear? It's just my employer, draining money from your account in any way we can possibly devise.

  9. I would have said something.


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