Saturday, April 18, 2009

Take This Dream

My dad is a mystery to me. I know his name, can still envision his face (provided he hasn’t changed too much in 15 or so years), and feel like I’d be able to recognize his voice were he to speak to me today. However, I’m at a total loss to relate any of his favorite foods, whether or not he’s into comedies or dramas, or even if he watches movies (or television) at all. I don’t have any inkling as to what even constitutes a typical day for him. I’m not a part of his life, nor he mine.

Imagine my shock and awe to find him, his dog (I don’t even know if he really HAS a dog), and his truck starring in my most recent remembered dream.

The scene opens somewhere in the middle, as usual. I’m on a street in the neighborhood I lived with my brothers and mother when I was about 15. My dad and mom had been separated / divorced for 7 or 8 years by that point. Though he was still in my life, it was sparse and growing more so with each passing day. So, my dream opens with me on this street, in my current adult incarnation. I have Diamond. No one else from my current life is visible.

I’m walking Diamond down this street and we meet my dad and his dog, a greyhound puppy of indeterminate gender. Diamond goes nuts over this dog, she won’t back off from sniffing the dog’s butt, making the younger pup quite nervous, which makes my dad nervous. Yet, he never says a word. The dog sniffing and related dance goes on for some minutes when, inexplicably dad reaches into his pocket and hands me keys and points to a truck, his truck, I surmise.

In the midst of sniffing, dancing, yapping dogs, he motions to the truck, picks up the greyhound, turns tail and breaks into a full out run. A perplexed Diamond barks louder, then whimpers as they disappear from view. She looks up at me and I shrug. I grab her up and head for the truck. It is the truck from my youth. A 1965 or ’66 green GMC pick-up. I’m curious and excited. I get in and crank ‘er up. Vrrrroooooom. I drive around a couple of blocks, turn another corner and plop, find myself smack dab in the middle of a muddy field. Well, shit.

Every effort to extricate the truck from the mud fails miserably. I grow increasingly nervous. I look across the field to see another truck, full of people of indeterminate gender having some sort of party, or something and several start to make their way toward me, Diamond, and the truck.

As they draw nearer, my brain snaps me awake. I look at the clock-radio and realize that the song I thought was playing as part of the dream was not, or was but has leaked over to my conscious life.


  1. Im sorry about your father. can you call him & talk to him?

    About your dream, hmmm.
    Dont know.

  2. Wow...there is a lot going on in that dream. I'm not sure where to start. :-) Dreams like that can really stir up things.

    Peace to you my friend.

  3. Well, the people in the party are women. They're coming toward you because they're dykes and they will pull your truck out because a few of them have trucks of their own accessorized with a tow and chain. Then, they will invite you to the party.

    As for your father, he's obviously still on your mind. You're probably wondering if he's still alive, yes? Do you know for sure?

  4. Kmae: I could call but I doubt I'd talk with him.

    Chapin: Many thanks.

    eb: hehehe. yeah, probably.

    Yes, he is on my mind (or has been recently). I know he's alive, at least according to my mother as she says the g-ment will contact her in the event of his demise.

  5. Anonymous4:22 PM

    Do you feel stuck in any kind of way? I'm wondering if the mud might mean something...

  6. Alix: stuck in any kind of way? hmmmm . . . to some degree, some days, yes. I guess.

  7. Well now. That was some dream.

    Interesting that your father was there, generally represents a part of yourself that you are not really in touch with.

    Well, you get a gift from that part of yourself and start to use it, but yes, get stalled out.

    But, luckily, you see some people who can probably help you, a solution, if you will....

    The dogs? Not sure.

  8. He's half of the flesh and blood that makes you whole Deb.


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