Saturday, August 13, 2011

Same Lyric, Different Song

If you've ever heard a rap performance* you'll recognize the familiar call:

Throw your hands up in the a-ir. Wave 'em like you just don't c-are
I hear the line (and the hip-hop melody) in my head three, four times a week; not due to any feelings of nostalgia for rap days gone by, but rather as accompaniment to the near misses suffered at the hands and feet of various motor vehicle operators.

Four out of five of them throw their hands up in the a-ir and wave 'm like the just don't c-are.
As in, "I'm sorry I nearly creamed you with my car."

The most recent culprit, operator of a silver Hyundai Sonata was so intent on crossing three lanes from her barely stopped at the stop sign launching pad that she not only didn't see a body (mine) in the crosswalk she didn't even imagine one (in this case, mine) would deign to cross a street, in the crosswalk in keeping with the traffic laws of the land and right of way sensibility.

She saw me a split second after I saw her, which is a good thing because I could be dead. Or seriously injured. After slamming on her brakes, she threw her hands up in the a-ir and waved 'em like she just didn't c-are and mouthed, "I'm sorry." 

The hyperbolic rage was automatic but also mostly in my head along with the hip-hop melody and call to arms. And while I did fix the Hyundai Sonata operator with a steely stare there was a note of forgiveness in the tone, for I've been through this before--threee, four times a week, in fact.

Still, once I saw her hands come up in the pleading, "I'm sorry" mode amd the familiar refrain danced in my head, the very next thought was the finish . . . somebody screeeeaaaaam!

*granted, mostly from memory as I haven't followed rap performances much since the actor was a teenager.   


  1. I worry about you biking in the city. Of course, *I* would last all of three minutes.

    Tell me you wear a helmet EVERY TIME?

  2. I will. I do, EVERY TIME! Actually, I've had as many close encounters as a pedestrian as I have bicycling.

  3. It's a risk, to be sure. Still, it's worth it, isn't it? Must be or we wouldn't keep doing it...

  4. how far is it to walk?

  5. @ e. For sure, still more plus and minus.

    @ Maria. It's just over 4 miles. I've thought about walking it once or twice, but haven't wanted to get up earlier in the morning and too weary in the evening. Plus which, not really excited about walking through some of the neighborhoods. Riding much better, though I have to watch carefully for broken glass and other debris.

  6. Get a damn police whistle & carry it between your teeth & BLOWWWW. Then yell I'm callin' the cops. Or start taking a picture of each car with tag included (wear the camera around your neck. with the whistle.) Or attatch an air horn to your bike. Or take public trans. Or buy a cheap car. - If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.
    I'm sure Elizabeth Lucinda Fitzgerald (the famous Houstonian ELF) would be happy to customize a paint job for you!

  7. LOLOLOLOL@ Kmae

    1. The whistle IS an excellent idea.
    2. Not so sure about the picture taking, but it is a thought as well.
    3. air horn to the bike lololol..but, not to be dismissed, for sure.
    4. I do take public transpo when not biking. Still, have to walk (or bike) to the stop/station.Let's face it, no way to avoid motorists unless I become a hermit.
    5. No, won't be joining them, then I'm part of the problem, not the solution. But, what I wouldn't give for an ART car designed by the lovely ELF from Houston. :-)


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