Sunday, May 19, 2013

Dream A Little Dream

She was in white; turban, tunic, and long-ish skirt. The sofa upon which I was laying was also white. Not leather, for which part of me was grateful . . . I think.

I don't know why the white or the turban, for that matter. I don't know why I was there laying upon the white (not leather) sofa with her hovering over me blinding me with her incredibly white teeth or why I only remember this part of the dream . . .

. . . (she) is my best friend from high school. She was also my first crush, my twice married, multiple child having, grandmother thrice over . . she was saying (over and over) that she thinks she'd like to "try" being with a woman and would I be "down" for that.

Blinding. White. Teeth (and turban, tunic, long-ish skirt--not to mention, sofa). Well, shit.

She went on to babble about taking time to work up the nerve to ask me here (after we hadn't spoken in years) to say these things to me . . . that I was attractive (enough) and "safe" since I had already come out as a lesbian. She didn't want to approach any other friend or worse, a stranger. . . she couldn't risk her husband (or kids or grandkids) finding out about . . . anything.

She was sure. She wasn't leaving her life. She didn't want to date. She just wanted . . .

a taste.

Before she was done with her spiel and before I could respond I found myself being hustled out the back door as her husband was charging into the front, through the rooms, into the kitchen. Rooted to my place on the porch I heard pieces of an argument, not related to our conversation . . . well, her monologue. The crack which sounded like a fist connecting with a jaw . . .

woke. me. up.


  1. That falls into the category of nightmare in my book.

    Now, if the friend calls you this week, what are you going to say???

    I hope it's a resounding NO!


  2. I agree with e! (I had this happen in real life and the "friend" hasn't spoken to me since I said no. argghhhh!!!)

    What a dream!

  3. Well alrighty then... might have to get the dream book out for that one. You didn't by any chance fall asleep during a Crest White toothpaste commercial did you?

  4. e: IF she called I'd be shocked shit-less. And yes, a resounding no.

    thediarist: aarrrggh.

    Forever in Blue Jeans: lol. no, at least I don't think so.

  5. This sounds like the beginning of a very active short story! I had someone do that too. I played dumb as a box of rocks because I didn't know what else to do! Talk about changing ones' dynamics!
    The lady dressed all in white? Almost reminiscent of the "church deaconess" attire, which is a little scary. /:(


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