Friday, October 11, 2013


only daughters

When my only daughter was in her late teens she went to live with her dad; my discipline too harsh, my boundaries for her, too restricting. The official reason, "I miss you, I want to get to know you better" struck just the right chord with him  (and me). 

Yet, I was angry. I was sad. I was afraid for her as she was spinning out of control. 

It wasn't long before several piles of shit hit the fan. 

Clean-up was a bitch.

But, clean-up we all did. She matured. I understood. He....well, he didn't do much of anything, which probably was the best thing he could do to help my only daughter and me repair, rebuild, and grow together. 

Whenever talking about my son and daughter I can often be heard saying that they are as different as night and day. And they are with regard to they personalities and their separate approaches to the here-and-now, the day-to-day. But, they are both performers, thinkers, talkers . . . and more. 

And while we are all, not only housemates, but friends, my only daughter and me are . . .   well,, just different than my son and me. 

Which is fine as as I speak both son and daughter

On this, my only daughter's twenty-eighth birthday, I want to thank her for challenging me. I want to thank her for being the loud, active, funny, animal loving, pop-culture embracing, passionate seeker of all life has to offer girl, young woman she has been, continues to be.  

I want to assure her than I am proud of her and proud to have played any role in her development.

Go for your dreams dear daughter. Don't hold back. Don't be afraid. Don't settle. 

May you have the happiest of happy days and may there be more and more and even more ahead. 


  1. I love this picture! I love when someone has a smile that can't contain all the exuberance behind it.

    My daughters are like night and day. My oldest is like yours - she lives life out loud. Really loud. It used to scare me but now I realize that she is living her dream, on her own terms. And perhaps I am a little jealous of all that passion for life. It's very good for me to be around.

    Happy Birthday to your daughter. May her years be filled with good health love.

    1. We bring out the happy in one another. :-)

      Thank you.

  2. Being a mother is truly the best thing that ever happened to me.

    1. i second that emotion (x2) :-)

  3. I can't imagine going through this... I don't have children but I know I would be strict too. Sometimes kids need boundaries. We don't like it when we are young but info understand it as an adult

    1. I thought so. I was prepared to go get her if I thought it was getting out of hand. Thankfully there was no need. She came to the decision to come home on her own. It was for the best.

  4. Happy birthday to your only daughter, and happy Mom-day to you!

    That must have been incredibly hard to let her go live with her dad. I admire your courage in letting it happen... and your fortitude in cleaning up afterwards.

    Good kids = Good mom

    1. Thank you. It was hard and hard work (on both sides) to recover.


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