Monday, December 14, 2015

One Hour and Thirty Minutes

Two Boys in A Box 

The one-way AM commute, using the best route takes one hour and thirty minutes, most days. And most days, the evening commute is a crap shoot but takes at least one hour and thirty minutes.

If  I go to the nearest laundry mat, early enough on a Sunday morning, don't have a wait for either a washer or dryer, I can complete a double load of laundry in one hour and thirty minutes--not counting putting away once home again.

Last Tuesday, one hour and thirty minutes was spent saying a final good-bye to a cousin, supporting a mother burying her only child, a son who was himself a father and grand-father. The hardest, second most emotional hour and thirty minutes of 2015.

I am finding a small measure of comfort in measuring the time it takes to do things. One hour and thirty minutes from lights out tonight, I hope to be asleep and to rest for longer than the one hour and thirty minute stretches of the last several days.

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  1. I think I have ADD as I can't think of anything I do (except sleep) for 90 minutes at a time. My commute to work (if I drive) is 90 seconds)

    Sincere condolences on your family's loss.

    I hope you are able to get more rest. Much, much more rest.

    1. I want to work closer. I'm hoping to move toward partial tele-commuting in the coming year. We'll see how tihngs go.

      Thank you.

      I had hopes too. Twas not to be.

  2. It's interesting that the same number keeps repeating. It makes you wonder about that number, that amount. Is the universe trying to tell you something significant?

    I'm so sorry for your loss.

  3. I am so sorry for your loss, for the emotional, difficult hour and thirty minutes that you endured. I'm glad you were able to support others during that time. I wish for you peace and longer stretches of sleep than the hour and thirty minutes.

    1. Thank you. Given the givens, I'm glad I decided to go and was there to offer that support.

      Me too. Thank you again.

  4. I'm so sorry about the loss of your cousin. Such a difficult thing.

    I hope you have lots of quiet, peaceful restorative rest over the next few days.

    1. Thank you. It was really hard. We (he and I) hadn't been close in a long time, but for the first 10 years of our lives we (he, me, my brothers, and a couple of other cousins) were peas in a pod.

      Thank you for that. I hope so too. I'm trying to not get "stirred" up in the evenings. :-)


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