Monday, February 05, 2007


It is a million degrees below zero, I could be writing about the cold, but I'm not. The Bears are slinking back into town singing the refrain of all big game losers, 'there's always next year!' and I could be writing about that, but I'm not. My son will be 25 this week and certainly I could write about that, and I will later this week. Today is the day for this month's challenge inspired by Bent Fabric, who by her own admission, doesn't "do jolly."

The jimjams had a hold of Jillian, or Jilly as she prefers to be called. She’d been too nervous to sleep after the messenger left, so she got up. Looking into the bathroom mirror and seeing the dark circles under her light-blue, almost gray eyes and the frazzled brown hair it was hard to understand why Qmax thought Jilly would make the perfect heroine to deliver jollies to a jolly-less world.

The first order of business was to assemble a costume. Unsure as to how she was going to jolly up the world, Jilly thought that a costume, at least, would be in order. Qmax didn’t mention it, but Jilly was sure she would agree. The costume Jilly envisioned would be presentable and indestructible.

Washing the weariness from her face and mind, Jilly thought her black wrangler jeans would work, they were indestructible and they fit perfectly. She would pair that with her green airwalk lace-up boots with the silver lining. She wished she had silver boots. Silver boots would be fabulous, but she’d have to settle for the silver lined boots. Jilly was stumped as to what to do about a top and then wondered if she’d need a cape. What could she use for a cape?

Jilly applied some gel to her frazzled mane. The much stronger gel Qmax left had Jilly’s nose twitching. Her head spinning from trying to think of how to jolly the world and the rest of her costume, combined to make her a little woozy and a little....aaahhhccchhhhooooo! Whew!

The big sneeze provided the answers to Jilly’s questions, for out of her nose blew the most beautiful sweater. A sweater of deep forest green, trimmed with silver threading that shimmered like sterling. There were silver glitter sprinkles and teeny tiny twinkle bells. The sweater even had wings. Oh. My.

Jilly almost fainted at the sight of such an extraordinary sweater.

This was fantastic! Jilly was beside herself with excitement. She quickly shed her pjs, trading them for the black wranglers, warm socks, the airwalk boots, a tee shirt and finally, her very own...her very own...Jilly pondered a name for the sweater and for the mission. Jilly surveyed herself in the mirror, twisting and turning to get better views. The teeny tiny twinkle bells making teeny tiny sounds like...jingles. Jingle Jangle!

Jingle Jangle Jollly! That’s it! Jilly would fly around the world sneezing out Jingle Jangle Jolly sweaters to all who needed some jolly. Who could resist the jollies after donning a Jingle Jangle sweater? Each sweater would be tailored to fit the recipient's personality to assure maximum jolly.

Jilly sent word to Qmax, assuring her that the Jingle Jangle sweater mission was up and about to be running, or rather flying. Jilly got out on the roof, stamped her boots twice and in a whoosh was off to her first jolly stop, Juneau. Jilly decided it was only fitting to sneeze jolly sweaters to *J* places first.


  1. Scary, but I can picture her in my head.

    I wonder if the sweaters will be covered in snot when she gets a cold. Yes, I had to go there. hehe

  2. Hee!

    Woo! (more to come after I catch my breath)

  3. So what I want to know is, is Jolly the snot-covered kid sister of the Jolly Green Giant?


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