Thursday, May 24, 2007

If You Can't Beat'em

Join’em is what I did. Last year I joined a gym and earlier this year I joined Weight Watchers, all towards improving my health and decreasing my girth. There were some measurable successes and I was quite pleased with the progress being made. I had resolve.

Correction, I have resolve! I don’t however, have memberships.

Priorities have shifted. Demands to divert dollars down other avenues have been made and must be met. So, memberships have been cancelled. But the resolve remains. I remain cognizant of caloric and fat in-take. I remain diligent to walking, stair climbing and / or bike riding, daily.

I remain committed to the continual improvement of my health and decreased girth. I don’t have the support that came with the memberships, but I do still have a cheerleader. She is as committed as I am to my goal, to be as healthy as possible, forever.


  1. WE can do it baby, and I am glad we are each other's cheerleaders...oh hummm.......wanna dress up like cheerleaders and...nevermind...hehe

  2. You do have more than one cheerleader!! Go Deb!

    And ps...I *love* that graphic...

  3. hmmm... cheerleaders.... :-D they're just so .... flexible!

  4. Invest in a good heart rate monitor and you are good to go. I'm sending you an email to join a FREE online resource that's really helped Court & me.

  5. Progress requires a lifestyle change and it sounds like you've accomplished that.
    It amazes me to think how a hundred years ago, people didn't have to worry about their weight. What a lazy society we live in.
    It's motivating to know that just a little increase in activity can have big results.
    Congrats on your continued success!

  6. "Be as healthy as possible, forever."



  7. My partner goes to a gym, but I just walk every single day no matter the weather (and that can be a feat in Nebraska.)

    Very nice blog here. I have some free time and thought I would look at the sites behind some of the interesting comments that I have seen on other blogs.


  8. well if it helps you any, I am also working on 'decreasing'.

    we can all support one another.

  9. thanks for all the support ladies.

    Maria, hello and welcome.

    storm, you betcha.

    Neta..we'll talk.

  10. good job! - you don't need gym memberships and all that ... save your money to buy yourself a treat when you make your goal. (not an edible treat...go for new shoes or a sparky new hat (hey...I love hats))

  11. Cheerleaders are a very good thing to have (and to watch!) :)

  12. Wooo hooo! Go TOD!

    (I am so clumsy)


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