Wednesday, November 29, 2006


The weekend weather was perfect. Picture perfect. I don't have a picture. I have trouble remembering to take the camera with me on my casual outings. When I do manage to remember to take the camera, I forget to point and shoot. One of these days it will all mesh.

On these picture perfect weekend days, I rode. I rode up, down and all around. It felt good. Very good. In addition to the rides, I stretched with my 4-Way AB band, concentrating on leg stretches.

Feeling pretty pleased with myself, having gotten my new resolve off and running, I went to the gym on Monday during my lunch break. You see, I'd fallen off track a bit. My expected work-out partner, wouldn't and then couldn't keep a regular schedule. The gym underwent some renovations and while not closed, working out during the construction was not an inviting notion. The post-Vegas malaise kept me off the circuit every couple of days. Development arrested.

I'd made a promise, something about holiday, food, not overdoing. Or, work-out. Work-out. Work-out.

I'm resolved to work-out. Hence the bike, the band and the gym during my lunch break.

The plan on Monday was to put in 40 minutes on the LifeFitness elliptical. I've logged a few miles on this machine and felt pretty comfortable with the motion and the work-out it provided. Somewhere, out of nowhere, the idea struck, like bad sushi, to try the other machine. The Cross Ramp EFX 5461. This appliance simulates running up ramps, adjustable to target particular muscle groups. That's the marketing da da. On the real, the torture instrument simulates running up baby mountains, after having had your right leg trade places with your left.

Two minutes on the machine and I realized I'd made a mistake. A big mistake. But, I can't stop now. There are people in the gym. People, who upon seeing me give up will whisper...wimp, chump, lightweight. I knew this to be true. I could hear them.

I stayed on the machine, struggling through the opp leg strides for EIGHT more minutes.

Then, somewhere, out of nowhere, the idea struck like, yeah, that. Hey, you're a gym rat. You're on a mission. You got more in you girl. Get on over there to those LifeFitness machines and work it out baby, no twist, a little shout.

Back on the original plan, the favored machine, gliding and striding for 35 minutes. I got into an acceptable rhythm after a rickety rocky beginning. Burning calories and strengthening resolve.

Tuesday morning I awoke sore. Both thighs. Sore.

Lunch break Tuesday, however, found me back at the gym. No pain, no gain and all that. 35 minutes, plus a 5 minute cool down on the LifeFitness glide and stride machine.

Tuesday night, both thighs VERY SORE!

After a good soak and a DIY rubdown. I was back in the gym today.



  1. Man, you've got will power! We have gym equipment in the basement, I barely use it more than a couple of times a month.

  2. whoa!


    the only exercise I do these days in is futility... my abs and thighs are jelly.


  3. I ache from just reading this.

  4. You go girl. Seriously, your resolve is impressive.

    Oh - the thigh pic? Such a tease. ;p

  5. Anonymous6:41 AM

    Well done hunny Im so proud of you!

    You put me to shame, your going to the gym in your lunch break, I have to go and have a run on the tredmill now ;-)

    I'll race ya ....... ;-)
    Kisses XxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxX

  6. woohooooo way to go girl!!!

    Now head on over here and transplant some of that resolve over here ---->(*)<---- into my brain!! LOL (and I'll thank any tempted peanut gallery dwellers to refrain from commenting on the size of my brain!!)

  7. I was recently reminded that all pain is not necessarily gain.

    But! Your resolve is impressive! :)

  8. Anonymous10:07 AM

    Good girl. Keep up the good work. Woo hoo

    Oh yeah...reading the post made me want to put up my feet and eat bon bons.

  9. See, the more you work out, the more pie you get to eat at Christmas!!

  10. Anonymous1:17 PM

    I wouldn't work out as hard as I do if I didn't fear the whispers of others. Most of my motivation comes from assuming others are watching.

  11. Anonymous3:21 PM

    damn... 35 minutes with a cool down.
    I am only doing 25 with a 5 minute cool down.

  12. Very Good!
    Wish I were working out more.
    God knows I just LOVE laying around & flipping chanels.
    I KNOW you are really shaping up there, gurlie!!


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