Sunday, October 14, 2007

By the Way

When I travel via bicycle to / from work it is over 7.4 miles of city streets, 95% of which is designated bicycle lanes. I’ve noticed in the last few weeks of consistent to or from riding that the intense concentration that must be employed while riding along city streets is sometimes broken by counting. I count for instance, the number of traffic lights I pass along the route. There are thirty. When I’m in rhythm I make most of them.

At least a dozen times each way, each time, forward progress is impeded by obstacles in the bike lane. There is a very special traffic torment set aside for those folks who choose to plant themselves and / or their cars in the middle of the bicycle path, on a city street during rush hour traffic for no discernible reason. This is particularly vexing when the plant subject is a very large vehicle AND there is ample parking in sight.

Five is the number, on average of the dunderheaded motorists who decide that right turns from the left of the bicycle lane is good and proper lane usage. I have three words for these folks. That! Is! Wrong! There is at least one primal scream every trip. It doesn’t do much to move the Hummer over to the left, but it is of tremendous help to me.

There are other stats to spout but they pale in comparison to the this: the number of lucky stars in action guiding me through each and every pedal rotation.


  1. I wish you an infinite number of lucky stars!

    Yes, yes, motorists can be quite hateful toward bicyclists, usually due more to obliviousness than malice, but still.

    Back when I waited tables I decided that anyone who dines out regularly should have to spend at least a month or two on the other side of the order pad. Likewise, every motorist should have to cycle in traffic as a mandatory prerequisite to driving on city streets. It would make us all breathe a little easier knowing that they know what it feels like on the other side of all that honking, hulking steel.

  2. I think you are absolutely right Teresa...sometimes you never know what it's like until you put yourself in the shoes of the other person.

    I'll throw in a few more of those stars for you Only! It can't hurt!

  3. Riding on the streets (rather than off road bike paths) still freaks us out a bit. I worry about falling and getting hit by a car. Fran would call me Ms. Worst Case Scenario.

  4. Good thing you're quick and agile! Be careful out there. :)

  5. Uh oh. Bike rage.....

  6. egads, just thinking about biking in traffic makes me hyperventilate! Be careful TOD!!!

    btw, I like the new look!

  7. I SO wish that I could ride my bike to work using a bike lane. I drive because I wouldn't survive the first mile on my bike the way it is around here...

  8. I am so grateful you don't have to traverse Sacramento bike lanes...the drivers here, they don't pay least there, you've got a shot.


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