Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My Pete

The kitty, Pete or as he has come be known, Midnight Madness soooo his own cat is not so slowly and very surely become my cat. Midnight, though, is a misnomer as one of Pete's most active periods is the pre-dawn hours between 2 and 4 a.m. In the very beginning he was just talking, poking me with his paw to get my attention and yammering away about one thing or another. This was even before the lovely diva dog appeared on the scene.

As time has gone by he has become bolder. He climbs now. On me. Up and then down my body, hovering and then camping around my feet. He talks the entire time. The weather? The state of world affairs? Why his kibble bowl is blue? Who knows? Eventually, the parade of paws forces me to an upright position. He takes that opportunity to investigate my neck. I took this move as a want or need to hug, nuzzle. When I try, he skitters away only to return after my return to slumber. The process begins again. We have three or four rotations before he moves on to much more stimulating activities, like licking himself bald.

Over the past several days Pete the kitty has added a new wrinkle to his routine. He's much more at home, more at ease and I've noticed, more insistent. He no longer gingerly steps atop my body. He leaps now, usually towards my head. When the fur settles from this maneuver he assumes the previous practices of walking and talking. He has taken to wanting to settle his butt atop my head instead of feet. I am having little luck in dissuading him from this notion. However, eventually he returns to the feet, ankle and shin area. Pete the kitty has taken to clamping himself to my shin where he then proceeds to move his body in a motion reminiscent of an old-fashion water pump? A buoy bobbing in the bay? Whatever, point is...he moves.
It is quite obvious that I have mis-interpreted some of Pete's wee hours chatter.
Clearly, we have some bullet points to review.


  1. He loves his mommy!!

  2. I'm wondering what he will think of the bullet points. It sounds to me like he is the boss and you are at his mercy. Good luck

  3. ah...ah... ahchooooo!

    sorry! cat allergy!

  4. Burst out laughing...children asking what's so funny...imagining kitty movement. Too much.

  5. Hee Hee - My dog likes to sit on my head in the middle of the night sometimes.

    For some reason, if something scares her, my head is the only safe place to be.

    Good luck breaking this habit :)

  6. Pete looks a lot like our Idgie and she, too, is at the height of activity just about 3:30 AM or thereabouts.

    My suggestion, to solve BOTH our problems, is to teach them to use the computer and let them sit and IM each other while you and I finally get some much needed sleep.

  7. One of our cats talks all the time. I must say that after almost 13 years of living with her, I only know one thing that is prominently featured in her internal powerpoint and that's: "um, stupid person, the water bowl is empty and you need to fill it now."

  8. That is hilarious! But only because he's not doing it to me. I'm sure he'll calm down...

  9. Aw, he's just telling you he loves you. "Here's my butt" is tops in cat language, you know!

  10. At least he doesn't tap you on the face or gnaw on your toes when you're asleep.

    He's freaking adorable.


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