Thursday, January 31, 2008


So juicy and plump, blushing red, sensuously yet surprisingly sweet, I’m encouraged to dive right in, oh my.

As the first taste caresses my lips I curse the condition that kept me from trying this delectable treat any sooner, oh my.

I’ve indulged my tastes, experimented with different ways to eat the great fruit. Always satisfying, always filling.

While tools are not mandatory, tissues are useful. Often though licking the juices from my fingers and my lips to savor every drop is my preferred method of enjoyment. Privacy is essential.

It is grapefruit season and Ruby Reds are peaking right now. The grapefruit is so named because the seeds brought to the West Indies by Captain Shaddock produced a fruit, smaller than today’s version that grew in a grapelike cluster on the tree. Introduced to the US in the early 1800s they weren’t terribly popular. Skin too thick, too many seeds and juice too sour were the chief complaints. Growers have dramatically improved the flavor and texture. I've read that grapefruit consumption is definitely on the rise.

Count me among the converted to the grapefruit appreciation society.

Grapefruit, it’s what’s for breakfast.


  1. Me too!! The red ones are so freaking good!

    Oh, and you are a tease.

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  3. Take two -

    Wow Deb - I can't eat citrus fruit, but I would after reading that post!

  4. Um, well...OF COURSE you were talking about grapefruit. I um..knew that...

  5. Very sneaky there D. I had to make sure I was on the correct page at first. I'm a fan of big red juicy...grapefruits as well.

  6. Thought I was on Syd's blog, but realized that the writing had too many big words in it! :)

  7. Well...........ugh.......tease!

  8. mmm...have you ever had a pomelo (chinese grapefruit)?'s sweet and plump, and peel away the very thick skin, and the membranes, and just eat the juicy flesh...

  9. Why no, I haven't had a pomelo. But, it sounds like I should remedy that, asap.

  10. Uh, yeah, what Maria said....


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