Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Maybe? Naah, not me. However,

Dear dirty, red Chevy Impala with the temporary plates,

It is permissible to make a right turn at some intersections, within certain hours on a red light, provided

1. There aren't any signs dis-allowing or limiting the action.

2.You come to a full and complete stop prior to attempting the action.

3. You look left, right and then left again to determine that all motorized and pedestrian traffic (who have the green light, by-the-way) has cleared the intersection.

4. When and only when you see (not imagine, guess or feel) that the way is clear to proceed, then by all means, proceed.

If you hear me clapping and / or screeching (as my "Go Bulls" horn was retired many seasons ago)to get your attention because you almost hit me, then perhaps you tripped on one or more of the steps.

Me, my fellow pedestrians and other motorists would appreciate it greatly if you would 1. slow down or better yet, stop 2. pay attention 3. heed signage & other signals 4. grap a capful of consideration and / or 5. all of the above when you hit the road again.


Concerned Road Rage Rules Survivor


  1. sigh - these people and their driving!

  2. Hon, I'm sensing a little...shall we say...tension the last few days. How long until you see your woman? ; )

  3. Ugh. This time of year is fraught with road rage for me. Mostly because by this time, I figure we all should know how to drive in snowy conditions. That still doesn't prevent drivers from turning right in front of me when it is icy and slowing down or stopping is practically impossible.


  4. Louisville Slugger... That mighta got his attention... Could serve as a walking stick and protection device too!

  5. I want that t-shirt!


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