Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Poli - Tick

Judging by her excitement one would think that this was my daughter's first opportunity to vote in a presidential election. It isn't. She got her first taste in 2004, Bush vs. Kery. D understood the import of the occasion as it wasn't her very first election. That came in 2003 when she got to vote for some local officials. However, as I recall she was pretty ho-hum about the whole thing.

There isn't much as exciting as the presidential race, politically speaking that is, especially in our little town where the hottest issues of late were to light (or not) the football stadium or to open up a shopping district street to car traffic, taking away yet another pedestrian paradise of benches and greenery.

This time daughter is feeling it. D is aflutter with excitement. She cast her vote on Super Tuesday with joy and pride. She is bursting to do so again in November. D is making no bones about who she is supporting. So much so she couldn't wait to show Diamond dog her new toy.* Hillary, sporting her "I'm with Stupid" tee shirt, packing her "It Takes a Village to do my hair" manual and BILL collar (attached to a short leash), is no match for sharp little doggie teeth. I predict Hill's stuffing will be all over the dining room rug in no time flat.

D tosses Hills into the air with extreme glee exhorting Diamond girl to "get her!"

*for the record Diamond dog has Bush & Governator Ahnold too. They weren't as well received initially, but with the addition of Hills, they are being re-evaluated in a way that only she can.


  1. Too funny. I bet Hills could be used in much the same way my Ann Coulter doll is with GWB.

  2. I actually think that dogs should judge the election. Well, no...forget that. My dog acts as if everyone who walks in the front door has a special gift just for him or something. He greets the mail carrier and Liv with equal glee.

    I want a Huckabee doll.....and maybe some pins.

  3. Aw, leave poor Hillary alone...sigh.


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