Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Observations, realizations, and such on my journey to svelte:
a. svelte? Hah! Remember, make reasonable goals.
b. It’s a lifestyle, not a diet
c. Potato chips taste better than any fruit or vegetable.
d. Still, I love fruits and veggies.Love them! Sometimes, though chips and the like are just easier. The call me, really, they do. D-e-b-o-r-a-h I tell ya, call me.


e. I love to eat. Yum. I love food. Mountains of food.
f. Generally I’m a planner, but I've noticed difficulty in planning meals & the necessary shopping. Again, with the shopping.


g. Portion control is a HUGE issue for me. Mounds of food. Smaller plates help, if I break the plate immediately after the first helping.

h.Resolve has the shelf life of lukewarm dairy products.
i. Tracking food: daily calories, water in-take, servings of fruits/veggies is a major PITA.
j. but these things and more MUST be done if I want to REACH my goals.

K. As you may have noticed this list addresses the “diet” side of the equation. The exercise portion is a constant up and down battle for me as well. I can say without hesitation that the only exercise I enjoy is bike riding. That, I can do without any pre-text, rationalization or justification. That, I will have to get over as obviously, I cannot ride my bike for 12 months, not in the conventional sense, anyway. When I don’t have bike riding, I struggle to maintain any kind of exercise regularity. I repeat,


The journey begun 2 years ago has stalled a few times. I get on a pretty good roll and then get distracted, side-tracked, tired, bored, or whatever…I lose ground and re-gain the weight I’d lost and then some. So, here I am, exactly where I was this time last year except, now I have a couple years worth of advice, education and tools at my disposal.

The journey begins anew. My annual physical is four months away. I expect to be housing a considerably different, read smaller, closer to svelte body when that date arrives. So it shall be written. So it shall be done.

Don't pass the chips. Kill all the chips!



  1. If it'll help, send those chips to me. I'll dispose of them. :)

    Hang tough!

  2. Maybe it'll help if you remember your reason for having this goal in the first place?
    What gets me excited about exercise (gag, I know) is new music. I splurge and download a lot of "exercise" music. And I only allow myself to listen to the new tunes while I'm exercising.

  3. This is why naughty foods are not allowed in my house (well, the SB IS allowed to hide some things for himself in his office closet).

    and... portion control is a breeze when all my meals come out of a microwave box.

    Couldn't imagine how hard it would be if I had to cook and stuff...

  4. You can do it, kiddo! I know you can -- and cycling rules!!! You've got the will, the know-how, and the love of fruits and veggies. Twine them all together, kill the chips, and just ... begin. Again, and again, and again. Every day is a beginning.

  5. keep the faith, Deborah. Damn those chips. :)

  6. wordsrock: you got it, chips on the way. Thanks for the thumbs up.

    amaya: I try to keep the goal in focus & the reason in mind but after 30 or 40 days, well...

    ncp: yes, I agree micro meals would simplify matters greatly. unfortunately, not an option.

    gm: Thanks!I think I can. I think I can. I think I can. I believe I will.

    Val: Thank you. I will keep the faith and away from the chips!


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