Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Soup-er

Today is the day.

Meet the candidates: Turkey and Black Bean Soup
Chicken Taco Soup
Thai Spiced Chicken Soup

All low-fat, one low cholesterol and one low sodium, too much to ask to have all three low elements in one soup, I guess. The Chicken Taco Soup recipe is much too high in sodium to really be a contender, but a consideration as it contains some favored ingredients.

Perhaps I can nix the Chicken Taco in favor of the Slow Cooker Pot Roast Soup which is also low-fat and though not low sodium or cholesterol, not out of the ballpark like the taco soup. Maybe I can fine tune the taco soup to tone down the sodium. Or maybe… Fudge.

Perhaps today isn’t the day to make decisions about slow cooker soup.

Perhaps my capacity to make a decision climaxed first thing this morning. Deciding on 3 of the 8 folks running for the Metropolitan Water Reclamation Commissioner office must have zapped all my reserves.

Spicy Squash Soup?? Or maybe AJ’s potato …

I'm cooked. Any suggestions?


  1. mmm. chicken taco for sure

  2. Fran and I have reworked a number of our recipes to really lower the sodium. If you want, we'd be glad to look at the one(s) you think are too high and see if anything pops out to us for lowering sodium.

  3. Well, everyone knows there are three things you mustn't discuss in mixed company: religion, mental health, and whom you favor for metropolitan water reclamation commissioner.

  4. This Spiced Chicken! Yes! And print the recipe, ifyouplease.

  5. Is the Chicken Taco soup anything like Chicken Tortilla soup? Because that is DELICIOUS in the slow cooker. So...what did you decide?

  6. Yeaaaaahhhh. All my soup comes from cans. I would be overwhelmed to eat any of those home cooked types!

  7. Amaya: Yes, it does sound tasty. Yum.

    Sassy: Thank you,any and all help & advice welcomed and appreciated.

    Wen: I agree, but this is about soup. :)

    Teresa: buuuuut...I didn't name names. oh pooh.

    Tiff: Will do.

    Zenobia: I think so. The recipe I saw is a slow cooker recipe. I haven't prepared it yet, but leaning towards the Turkey & Black Bean as I have most of the ingredients on hand. I will likely try all.

    NCP: Once upon a time I only ate soup from cans too.


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