Monday, February 25, 2008

Top Ten

Top Ten Reasons for looking forward to yet another Winter Storm Warning

1. The expected inches will cover (& or re-cover) piles of dog poop inconsiderate neighbors didn’t have the decency to scoop.

2. Ah, on second thought, that's the only reason for looking forward to yet another winter storm.

There is a new storm brewing and if the forecasters are right by this time tomorrow I will be ankle deep (or more) in yet more snow. I know, it's winter still and as such storm warnings shouldn't come as news. Further, I know many of you have been in the grips of horrid winter weather and have your own lists of woes. I can certainly empathize.

Demeanor that's what I'm thinking about this day.

I spent most of the weekend recovering from flu-like symptoms. I'm feeling much better now, but Friday afternoon, Saturday and good doses of Sunday were not the best of times. I'd promised my mom I'd help with a project on Sunday so come sore throat and body aches, I was committed.

In her own meandering way of nit-picking things apart, mom asked if I was going through The Change. I assured her that I was indeed and had been going through it for some time now. She asked (again) about the symptoms I was suffering and I admitted that besides erractic cycles and insomnia the symptoms were few and minor considering the possibilities. Mom follows that she's noted a change in me and before I could ask what that might be, she notes, "you talk louder and you get frustrated faster."

In my head I say, "no shit, Dick Tracy!" Outloud I return with how I didn't think these were effects of The Change but rather the growing need to be heard and desire for a different kind of life most days. Not those precise words, mind you, but yes, in essence. Mom changed the subject not at all convinced of my argument.

Then again, I admitted a bit quieter, could just be the windy, snowy and freezing weather.


  1. I hope you are feeling better soon. There is nothing like feeling sick and dealing with crappy weather. I'm soooooooo over winter!!!

  2. I would get a slingshot for that frozen dog poop......

    I haven't been here in a while. It is nice to catch up with your blog.

    Get well.

  3. Um, Deborah, if you don't like the cold and the winter weather, etc... how come you continue to live in CHICAGO??????!!! That's one of the coldest places to be in the winter, woman!!!!

    Hope ya feel better!

  4. chapin: thanks, things are looking up.

    sober: good to see ya. slinging frozen dog poop, yep right up there in top ten things to do in winter. :)

    val: one word: family. And well, as it happens until this winter, it was all so tolerable. Now that i examine it--it may not be the weather at all. heh.

  5. I was on the phone with our HQ in Chi and was complaining about the endless rain. My comadre did not have any sympathy.

    Congrats to D. My oldest will get to vote this year as he turns 18 two months before the election. I am working on him to vote the right way.

  6. God, I feel as if this winter is just never ending. Snow, more snow and then just when some of it melts off...another ice storm.

    Crabby, crabby woman here and I am already through the change....

  7. LOL @ "no shit, Dick Tracy." Hope by now you're feeling better.

  8. Apparently I have gone through The Change without noticing -- I just got the hormone test results from my doctor. Now what do I do with my stockpile of Tampax?


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