Sunday, September 28, 2008

Another Cat Tai..Tale

Buttah. deciding that Pete's ears needed attention, tending them with loving care.

The daughter hasn't given up the idea of
dressing the cat. However, now she has her own cat to embarrass dress. Someone donated a bag of pet costumes for a variety seasons and occasions to the shelter. Daughter snagged a few items for possible consideration.
So far, only the rubber band ball will wear the pilgrim hat. I'll keep you posted.


  1. Heee cute kitties :)

  2. Ours never last long when they groom each other. A fight breaks out after about a minute or so.

  3. Oh God, I hope she gets her kitteh in a costume. I really need to see that.

  4. I always have my doubts about pets that consent to wear costumes, though. Out dog, Socks, goes to a groomer once a month and he always puts these fey little bandannas around his neck when he is done. He looks so embarrassed that I take them off as soon as we are back in the car.

  5. I want to see kitty pilgrim. Please make it happen. :-)

  6. ok, be ready to snap those pics quickly, i don't think those will go over very well.
    they are cute.


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