Friday, September 26, 2008

Woman's Work

For September's Wordsmith's Challenge: Woman's Work
The drink order was delivered without benefit of eye contact from the morose waitress. The absence of that little bit of familiarity and camaraderie would normally upset this customer. Not today, today is not a normal day. The customer, Dusty, was in a funky mood and the plan was to drink her way to a more agreeable mood, fast.
Dusty Lickliter’s funky mood was caused by her termination. She was fired from the job she loved as the number one taste tester for the Kook-ee Candies and Confections Company. For three years Dusty poured her heart and soul into this job. She never missed a day and she applied for extra hours whenever she could.
Proposed all-day-sucker flavors always warranted extra hours.
There would be no more extra hours though. Dusty was fired. No reason to get up in the morning. Gone was the sniffing and licking ritual that defined tasting. Gone was Lickliter’s joy except for that which she hoped would be found at the bottom of this drink. Well, truth be told, many drinks.
Deep into drink number four, Dusty began to accept that her termination was justified. She recalled the day the Pink Pulse samples were delivered to her cubicle.
Pink Pulse, a new hard candy flavor sensation, was slated for a vigorous round of tasting. Dusty gave it all she had. She sniffed and licked the Pink for five days before finally awarding the flavor four tongues up, the highest praise a hard candy could achieve. Pink Pulse went into production almost immediately, based exclusively on Dusty Lickliter’s trusty tasting skills.
The Pink bombed.
Kook-ee Candiies and Confections lost millions. While the business survived the fall-out, Dusty was not so lucky. She was out, a taster without a purpose. Her tongue was once considered the best little licker in town. That’s all kaput now.
Though content to drown her sorrows in as many of the tasty concoctions the morose but pretty waitress of the garishly decorated restaurant / bar could bring her, Dusty was pleased to have been able to walk home under her own steam.
Checking her receipts several days later, Dusty saw that the delectable concoction she’d been drinking that night was called Pretty in Pink.
If there were such a concept of ‘lucky color’, Dusty Lickliter has decided that the color pink is certainly out of the running as her charm.


  1. Damn...that "pretty in pink" drink sounds divine. I do so love a cocktail. I would rather have a fruity cocktail than a glass of wine or a bottle of beer any day of the week....

  2. Liked the dashes of humor. Liked the approach to the story and it's quirkness. Didn't see the connection to the subject photo, but a nice story nonetheless.

  3. A clever, if thinly disguised metaphor. Your heroine's fate strikes a compassionate chord, but I somehow suspect I'd be of little comfort to her.

  4. Nice.
    I loved this.
    Pure fun...and the name! holy crow. I love it.


  5. Maria: It does, doesn't it. Yum

    Dave: True I didn't interpret the pic literally. I was struck by the garish (in my eye) color scheme of a place called "Sadlack's" and it kinda took off from there.

    Mojo: heh. :)

    Cravey: Many thanks.

    Thanks for stopping by guys.

  6. Don't ya' love when you do one of those assignments and it actually gels together so well? Nice.

  7. Great twist at the end: Pink is Dusty's downfall. Should've had her wake up sicker'n a dog the morning after the tippling, to drive home the perils of pink.

  8. "...slated for vigorous tasting...She sniffed and licked the Pink..."
    umm, makes me 'hungry'.
    Too Cute.


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