Monday, January 05, 2009

This Is My Quest

For the past couple, three years I’ve been trying to reduce my body mass. Toward that end, I joined a gym, WW and a couple of other on-line support-type groups, reduced my over-all caloric intake, made more careful choices regarding snacks and made a concerted effort to ramp up my physical activity.

There was some level of success. I had to dump the gym and WW. The other efforts continued to show positive results but often, I'd celebrate those results by over-eating and eating all the wrong foods.

C-E-L-E-B-R-A-T-E Good Times!


The pants I bought a few months ago, a size smaller than that of the previous season are a tad snug today, so I know I’ve loss some of the ground recently gained.

I could continue on the same vein and limp my way along to more 10 lb, 1 pant size losses over several months only to rebound with a 5 lb gain and so on, but I’ve had enough of that. I need a new plan of attack, new and aggressive goals, actions, and motivations.

Shrinking Piggies II and related accountability fits the bill.

It is my goal to lose 40 lbs. by July 6, 2009. If I stick to my plan for longer than the usual month to six-weeks, don't go food crazy at the first sign of jiggle-less showers, the goal is reachable.

So it is written, so it shall be done.

There, I feel lighter, more importantly, tighter already.


  1. Determination is all important, and you've got it. Good for you.

  2. I did NOT give you permission to use my photo!!!!

    Seriously, we are thinking alike. Only, I've yet to make the commitment. You know, procrastination and shit.

  3. WAIT!!! Does this mean I should stop sending you food porn? Nooooo....

  4. My sister joined weight watchers two years ago and lost all the weight that she needed to. So, she left. The weight began creeping back on. She decided to go back to weight watchers simply because she said it was important to her to be held accountable, to be weighed each week and held accountable.

    I think that some can do it on their own, but many of us need that accountability.

  5. Good luck... I am trying to do the same, but hate that accountability stuff... makes me irritable!

    Here's to a slimmer 2009 for us all!

  6. Welcome aboard!

    I hate accountability more than I hate exercise and moderation.

    But I hate it all less than being 2 sizes too big, so heave-ho with the lethargy.

    You win the Most Ambitious Goal award (I thought I was gonna win at 30 lbs, but NO, ya overachiever)!

  7. drowningpisces9:26 AM

    ugh... I was doing so well in ignoring the fact that I need to lose a few.....then I read this. Thanks for for the kick in the butt... :)

    Here's to a lighter 2009.

  8. Anonymous8:24 AM

    I would LOVE to sit at work without keeping my pants un buttoned.....its just tjhat the pics of bacon look so much better than the pics of fresh veggies!
    Good Luck!

  9. You can do it, and I have faith that you will.

    Yay for resolutions?

  10. I agree, writing down your goals is a huge part of reaching them. I'm taking a nutrition class right now and it is required to paticipate in NutritionCalc - ( Monitoring my food intake has been really interesting because I wasn't paying attention to all the crap I was giving myself. Maybe this will interest you, maybe not. But it's only $12 for a 13 month subscription - maybe enough time to make some new, healthier eating habits? Just a thought.


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