Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Better Late?

I probably should have let this in drift away, especially since I've missed the deadline by a few days. But, for some reason it wouldn't let me go. For March Wordsmiths Unlimited.

It is this kind of day, dappled sky, calm wind, and placid water that Lexi has grown to despise. It is this kind of day that finds Lexi fighting to maintain the tenuous grasp on her all-togetherness. When she woke to find the mocking cheeriness, she repelled a strong desire to return to bed, cover her head, and wait out the storm of bright, sort of sunshiny day.

Bring on the dark clouds, rolling winds and waves.

Having no choice but to face this day, Lexi lumbered from her bed with combat boot-like clumsiness. She made her way to the bathroom. Once there, a look in the mirror revealed the horror that was the night before. Gin held the starring spot with tonic playing a bit part. And though the horror that is too many gin and tonics was playing out on her face, Lexi decided that a few more would have minimized the assault of this mocking sky. Frigid water to the face did little to jar the memory from Lexi's mind. The shock of the water did little to silence those chirping...whatever brand of bird she heard chattering away just outside the bathroom window.

Bring on the dark clouds, rolling winds and waves.

Lexi blamed the day, the drink, the dark moodiness on the channel 7 weather girl, rather, woman. The cheerful young woman waxed poetic about perfect boating weather. The moment Lexi heard that forecast yesterday, the rest of the day threatened to spiral woefully out of control. A will of steel kept her from throwing in the towel at work. She was, however, on the verge of biting off the head of every project manager who crossed her path. She was able to contain pressure bulge through the commute home. But once home...heeeerrreeee's Gin and Tonic!

One drink turned into two, two turned into ten. Still, throughout the night, Lexi couldn't erase the audio running in a constant loop "this is not the answer, Lexi" chirped Roxanne's disapproving voice. Each loop brought another sip. Lexi eschewed the audio's message, rationalizing Roxanne's absence justified continuing. "You're not here anymore. I can do what I damn well please", Lexi screamed to the air.

Roxanne left Lexi on a morning much like the one the channel 7 weather woman predicted, much like the one that was in fact, here. The perfect boating weather had done Lexi in. Roxanne and Lexi had planned a boating outing boating weather day. A filled cooler full of soda, drinking water, sandwiches, and salad sat in the foyer for the next two days. After Roxanne’s exit Lexi was unable to move it, or herself, for that matter.

There was no discussion, no re-course just silence and rotting lettuce.

Now, on this day that was so much like that day, there is the aftermath of too much gin and not enough tonic.

Lexi spied her image in the mirror wishing for dark skies, rolling winds and waves for the third time this morning.


  1. wow... really nice. You write very well.

    Perhaps semi-autobiographical??? names changed to protect the innocent and all that??!!

  2. Anonymous3:12 PM

    This is good. I like the way you write. I will be back to read more. Thanks for reading mine. It led me to you.

  3. Happy times, sad times. Love,love lost. Despair albeit grief. Good story. Yep...that's a miseraible kind of hurt. See you next month.

  4. You know Deb - if you used your drawings along with your writing you would have something spectacular. You have a wonderful way of looking at the world and putting it into words.

    Gorgeous stuff! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Stupid Roxanne.

    Gorgeous story.

  6. Anonymous11:46 AM

    I like your story- good use of words to convey a person still tangled up in her messed up past. Also liked the repeating phrase, it brought the character's vainly circling thoughts together, really bringing out the broken record of her life.


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